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This is a cover I did for Secret Six, depiciting Bane breaking Batman's back.

This time, it's more of a metaphorical reference, as Bane is trying to defeat his demons.

This was meant to be used as an homage to the first time Bane broke Batman's back.

This painting will always be special to me, as it was painted on the day I got a job offer to work on The Dark Knight Rises...while I didn't end up working on it (politics), it was one of the most flattering days of my life.
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is there any way possible i can get this as a poster??
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incredible, you don't see this every day
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If I wasn't such a Batman fan I would swear that it was over.INTENSE.
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Just kidding man this is great artwork
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oh no,
batman aint soming back from that
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He actually does come back
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sorry about the spelling mistake, I meant coming back.
Yeah I know Batman comes back, I was just making a joke as
referring to how bane broke batmans spirit and not just his back.

IN TDKR he said, he would break his body, then his spirit.
i was referring to that.

I meant Batman aint coming back from this one
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A ok, sorry for the coment
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nah, its cool and fine. i understand your point. Batman did comeback
in TDKR he broke bane and in the knightfall comic bane was defeated by asreal
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really cool. Just kinda mind blowing
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batman!! NOOO!!! )>0<(
this is amazing! this is by far my favorite bane pic!!
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This is beautifully well done! I love all the detail, from the cracks in stone to Bane's arm hair, and the colors you chose.

This is probably what Bane saw when he broke Batman the first time. He saw Bats in his dreams growing up and was always afraid of it, but when he finally broke Batman's back, it was like his fear was released.
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Nice compisition and details. I can see a title reading " BANE" and below "Demons" in the top of the image. Otherwise, I find it a bit disturbingly tha tthe backgroudn goes from dark to light so suddenly. At the same time, the contranst and details in the wings against the light background is pleasant
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I remember when I first saw this I wasn't even reading Secret Six but I almost got it just for the cover
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