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Boba Fett. Disintegrating some dude.

I grew up LOVING this guy. I have a collection of nerdy Boba Fett stuff surrounding my desk. Think he's one of the coolest designs out there, and just a badass character.

Probably even my main inspiration behind LMS, as he is a badass bounty hunter.

Well enjoy guys, had a blast doing this piece, even though the detail killed me!

And remember...

"No disintegrations!"

PS: Notice any 'easter eggs' in the pic? ;)
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Would love to see your take on his Mandalorian redesign.

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I want this armor
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Amazing work!!! 
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The most overrated Star Wars character.
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Han's blaster and Luke's Green lightsaber.
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I had to get this one in my favorites. I play SWTOR and my main is a mercenary Bounty Hunter. Great job!
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Cant wait to get this in my Bam BOX ;D
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Epic art work, congratulations! Clap Headbang! Worship 
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This is amazing!
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This is used here, even with a little thingy stating it belonged to Lucasfilm Ltd.:…
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Are those Jedi Padawan braids dangling from his right shoulder?
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Wookiee scalps, according to Lucasfilm concept artist/prop-designer Joe Johnston (Jedi Padawans were many decades in the future when this design was first realized).

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i like your style, so realistic
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Yea, I think he is holding a DL-44. Epic piece of art, Honestly I am baffled at the huge amount of detail.
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simply amazing!
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The lighting work on His armor is just simply amazing easily one of my favorite Boba depictions ever
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Dope! Had a feeling he was the inspiration for your LMS book. 
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Easter egg, maybe the lightsaber hanging from his left leg? Or Han's pistol on his hip? The Predator's language on his name badge?
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Wow! This is amazing! I really love the colors and how he looks in the armor! I sure hope he's the good guy. ;) Well done!
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