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March 2, 2008
Alice and her Guitar - by `adonihs is drawn beautifully and the attention to detail simply stunning. From the dangling Pikachu to the various band stickers on her gun-guitar to the delicate detail on those tights, this is one gorgeous musical assassin. She's gorgeous without being over the top in her sexuality but it doesn't make her any less sexy. You don't know what she's holding behind her polka-dotted mini... hopefully for the viewer, it's not a pair of pistols!
Featured by JunkbyJen
Suggested by GermanCityGirl
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Alice and her Guitar -

Character for L.M.S.

My graphic novel coming out 2010


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How do you tune it?
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I've seen Alice in the book, but it's fascinating to see an earlier render of her in a more static pose. :+fav: :)
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geek chic .. + revamp elec. guitar what more can i ask
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Muse & The Misfits <3 Really good work! She's really beautiful. :3
sam1337's avatar
ok now dam this is something i have to build an airsoft gun in to
Ianuarius85's avatar
She's got a great music taste. But 5-stringed guitar? And the pickups have 6 magnets? D: That's some crazy shit.
Nindza's avatar
Which is her favourite turtle? :0)
XocoWilde's avatar
Is so nice o.o I like the colours and the textures you used! and yeah MUSE :heart: XD Good and nice job
k131d's avatar
The texture on ballistar (ballistic-guitar? :lol:) and shadow is perfect.
fantasynix's avatar
Fell inlove with Alice's gun/guitar and damn TNT Shirt! Glasses tattoo, every detail man!
Fire-Akra's avatar
I Love Daft Punk and PKM.... I love her!!!!! :+favlove:
o-oRis's avatar
She had me at the NIN sticker.

Wonderful concept, love, love, looooove!
Flinxerone's avatar a guitarist, I love the concept, but, honestly, the gun imagery, imo, doesn't do much for me.
JewelMaiden's avatar
Wow beautiful shading here!
SeronaTheMinstrel's avatar
This has something really badass, great job!!

Your magic touch and gentle ways
can lighten harts and brighten days,
And all the good things that you do
reflect the beauty inside of you
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Nice. Although, when she rocks out in Bb minor pentatonic, somebody get's killed.
ac2377's avatar
whoa, momma!
shanerumble's avatar
loving it! whooo nine inch nails!
llxEn1gMaxll's avatar
This is your coolest character don! :faint: and Pikachu made it 30% cooler
thepalehorsman234's avatar
you know; I like guitars but that is just plain scary
angbar's avatar
you know, if this was ever made into a movie, you'd have to have Zooey Deschanel (yes that is the correct spelling of her name) to play Alice.
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