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Abel and his monkey, Kane -

By DanLuVisiArt
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Character for L.M.S.

My graphic novel coming out 2010

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Omg! a graphic novel!! man you have so much talent!
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is your book out? if so link so i can buy it
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He already did...
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If you do a live action... I'm your dude. Lol
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wow. how did you do that tatoos?
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Is that an electrified bat?

Must be....
MotionActa's avatar
Just pure awesome
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Niiice. Love it. The bat is so so nice. Love the gloves color difference. The shades adds a nice touch. Kane is cool with him too, Lol
HeroLoverFoolVillain's avatar
Coolest characters, instant +fav
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uh oh. Red's touchin yellow, he's a dead fellow!
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Nothing short of perfect man. Simply amazing.
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Proof: Searching for Jerry Garcia, Epic choice of tat
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Love the Afro and the game companies' logos on the bat. Keep up the great work!
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I love that monkey :heart:
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TVTropes brought me here.
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Makes me proud to fock tha 'fro
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From the dawn of time no one has been able to say if it's the man who choose the afro, or it it's the afro who choose the man. Either way, a man with an afro is a strong man.
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I honestly cannot say which part of this picture kicks the most ass. The Afro? The bat? The little chimp with a tie?

Hell, the whole thing is beast. Very well done.
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lol. BTW not many wear fro's anymore.
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afropower ftw
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Afro-ninja with a powerbat and a monkey? More cool than you can shake a stick at!
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I don't know how the hell I managed to miss this one! It's AMAZING :jawdrop: :wow: :faint: :ambulance: :tombstone:
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