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Exo [SSC14]



It´s now or never!!! I've been very busy these last days, so I submit what I got now. :D (Big Grin) 

OS: Windows 7
VS: SPBB by neiio MOD[Not TT, I like to use my setups for the day by day]
WP: By PlyushB @ interfacelift [MOD by memovaslg]
LS: Exo by me
CAD: Exo by me
Launchy: Exo by me
Folder icons: Milk by Wil Nichols
Font: Exo
Mactype: Custom

It was also designed an Avepreview skin, but I´ll not be able to correct the bugs in time, so I use Quick View. When you click on the battery icon this switchs to the clock [The idea was to have a wather skin, but fuck the time! =P (Razz) ] The popup in LS is obviously inspired in  DSCN.

Maybe you may have noticed that the color red is my favorite. ;) (Wink) 

EDIT: This suite has been released: fav.me/d77hcmf

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Would you consider making a windows 8 port??