How has deviantART honestly effected your life? (explain why)
112 votes
No effect
Minor effect
Medium effect
Major effect
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By danlev
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:heart: I put medium effect, although I think that's being modest. :giggle:
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beeurdHobbyist General Artist
Medium. Although it's probably more than that.

I've made a lot of friends on here, had a few fun days at devMeets, been inspired, and generally enjoyed dA a lot over the years.

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happy happy happy
love love love
friends friends friends
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punkie078Professional Photographer
Medium - at times DA kind of kept me going with art..if I didn't have some way to display my art, I'm not sure if it would have happened quite as know?

However, I'm not sure that DA has given me so much feedback to say that it's greatly helped me improve my art...but it's definitely helped me going.
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:nod: same for me as well. (among other things)
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agorfHobbyist Photographer
Definitely major.
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strukaHobbyist General Artist
When they suspended my old acc. it was like they killed me ... XD
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shadowed-light-waves General Artist
For me, deviantART has debunked the long-held notion that all people on the Internet mean to steal your credit card numbers, spam your computer, send you viruses, and cannot be trusted.

deviantART has shown me that people on the internet are inherently generous and good -- even to people they've never met.

That's no small feat.

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Don't let deviantART persuade your image on the internet TOO much. deviantART is a far better community than most places on the internet! :lmao:
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As for me, I choose "Major."

I met the love of my life in #Trivia, and I couldn't imagine what I'd be doing without her now.
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changed pretty much every aspect of my life (scary isn't it)
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KatieAnnOwensProfessional Traditional Artist
DA has opened many doors for me, for that I am very grateful.
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SaltEscProfessional Digital Artist
dA has helped me improve skills and crunch through ideas by being able to interact with other photographers. It's also taught me to hate shit manga/anime (99.99999999% of it) and appreciate different painting styles.

It's also great to bounce ideas back on people and hear constructive criticism.
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TWStatonGalleryProfessional General Artist
DA has been a MEDIUM affect on me, only because it hasn't done what I thought it would do a bit more in recognition, or maybe more sales. I don't add my art to the prints anymore, just because I've not had one print sold. That is a downside to me. I have yet to figure out how a person can get so many comments on a particular bit of art, and yet no one wants a print.

On the upside I did get a couple of commissions from being here. That in itself isn't a great feat when I've been here for over a year. But it is a positive note.

I like being here. I like the friends I've made. I like the idea that I can be of help at times too.

I would like to see more things happen that would encourage sales and things of that nature. But overall, being here is better than being anywhere else.

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TAHOpaintsProfessional Digital Artist
Major impact.

deviantART has given me the confidence to push through with the things I really want to do in life. In the past, art was nothing more than a hobby. It was something I overlooked while pursuing things that I wasn't nearly as passionate about. Having people appreciate my work on a large scale made me realize that art is my life, and not just a hobby.
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Major effect. :B
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pulbernHobbyist General Artist
I never thought of trying to create art until I came here!
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though it's the website i visit most often and spend the most time on... i really don't know anyone on here. regardless of how often i comment on other peoples work they never seem to care enough to even look at mine. it's just something i put a lot into for nothing.
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You have to involve yourself with the community. Starting out can sometimes be difficult. Once you get people watching you, and comment on your work, it's an amazing resource.
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granted I've only been a member for two years... but i put myself out there a lot. mainly to people who seem to have the same taste as me... out of the 7 hundred something times my profiles been viewed I've only been commented on 7 times. people just don't like my stuff as much as i do.
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lost-angleHobbyist General Artist
dA pulled me out of a depression and kept me out of depression for these last two years. I've met many wonderful friends including some who I hang out with on a regular basis (something I don't have normally). dA has helped me search my soul and introduced me to anthro art. Without dA I would not have done graphics last year, I would not be drawing and writing on a regular basis and I would not be the president of a magazine (=iaa-m).

dA is my life, so yes, it has had a major impact on my life.
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I voted medium, but probably should have chosen major. Before joining, I was no where near as vocal about a lot of things such as my orientation, politics and religion. I've found myself more willing to speak my mind and to defend myself against the "majority opinion" as I put it in the US.

Also I've found that most people on dA are more open and accepting of who I am (a gay atheist). People just don't seem to mind, unlike here in the real world were someone like myself is about as hated as can be in the US. I feel I've become more culturally aware on a global scale, getting to know people from so many other countries and such, plus it's opened me to a much wider and far better range of music.

Yeah, I'd say I probably should have chosen major :lol:
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I also agree with that bit about being open an accepting. I came out to people on deviantART before anyone else :lmao:
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