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UPDATE: The opt-in period for the new sidebar has closed as of October 7th. Thank you to everyone who participated in this early opt-in period. The feedback we’ve received so far has been invaluable in helping us improve and optimize the sidebar. Please continue sharing your feedback! Moving forward, we’ll now be rolling out the new sidebar to a wider pool of deviants, so no more need to opt-in. Again, thanks so much to those who participated for helping us create a better DeviantArt experience!

You’re invited to try a brand new sidebar that gives you quick access to some of your favorite features and groups!

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The Goal of The New Sidebar

There are several ways to browse and consume content on DeviantArt, and with this update, our goal was to create a consistent experience across Browse (New and Popular), Search, Daily Deviations, Topics, Groups, and most importantly, deviants you watch. Bringing more attention to Groups was a big part of this update, and we have plenty more planned around improvements to Groups.

Here’s what we aim to accomplish with the new sidebar:

  • Create a unified and consistent experience across Watch, Browse, and Groups

  • Provide easy access to Popular, New, and Topics

  • A new way to browse and interact with posts

  • Boost visibility to Daily Deviations

  • Put your Groups front and center

  • Provide a way to find new communities relevant to your interests

Gradual Rollout, Testing, and Improvements

We are still shaping and configuring the sidebar before its release to everyone. In the coming weeks, it will steadily be rolled-out to deviants and, as that happens, we’ll be analyzing its performance and how it affects site engagement. Please take note that the Watch page has moved under the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner (where you’d access Groups, Prints, and Forum). During this roll out, we’ll be testing various components of the feature to make sure it’s as integrated as possible. This means that you may see parts of the feature change as we move forward, such as the default page when you visit home, the default tab you land on, or even aspects as small as the color of a button. As always, please share your feedback.

Choose a Browse Mode

Take a pick of what you’d like to view: Home, Deviants You Watch, Daily Deviations, Topics, Popular, and New. Home is your default view, which is a mixture of Recommended For You, Deviants You Watch, and strips of curated content.

Toggle Between Deviations or Posts

Each feed — with the exception of Daily Deviations and Topics — are split between two sections: deviations and posts. Deviations contain visual art and literature, while posts contain journals, status updates, and polls.

Putting Your Groups Front and Center

It’s now easier than ever to browse your favorite Groups, see the latest updates, and dive into discussions. As an admin of a Group, you can share journals directly to your Group from the feed. If there’s a Group that you come back to often, pin it to the top of the sidebar so that it’s even easier to access. To get to a Group’s profile, click the Group’s name at the top of its feed.

We still have several more updates planned for Groups, so stay tuned!

Find New Groups to Join

At the bottom of the sidebar, you can find personalized recommendations of Groups to join. For deviants who run their own Groups, this feature will give your Group more exposure to deviants who are likely to be interested.


  1. Gain access to the feature by favouriting this journal! Please note: Once you’ve received access, you will not be able to disable the feature.

  2. Once this journal is favourited, you will be automatically given access to the feature within 24-48 hours.

  3. After having a chance to try things out, share your feedback on the official feedback form and/or the project’s official Discord. (Please note that this Discord is specifically for feedback about this project — it is not a general DeviantArt Discord.)

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your feedback!

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