Where is it legal to be gay?

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An [Incomplete] Map Generated By Equaldex Users

Above is a map of the world showing where homosexual activity is legal and illegal. Many of the red countries include penalties of life in prison and the death penalty.

This interactive map (along with 7 other maps for other LGBT issues) was generated using data contributed by Equaldex users, however it’s far from complete. Also, most data has not yet been verified by other users, so it's likely that there are errors. Historical data is also being collected, so maps could be generated for any day in history.

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I've been able to spot some inaccuracies on the map.
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It's a collaborative site! Feel free to edit it if you spot a mistake! Also remember that this post was made in 2013, so the live map will be different. :)

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How do I edit it?
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Uhh.. How can some countries say female on female is legal, but male on male not? Also.. DEATH penalty? Wtf!
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Legal in Indonesia? i no think so.
kek, I recently talked with a gay person in gay chatroulette , so funny
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Unfortunately it's illegal to be gay in Australia, not too sure of the penalty but there shouldn't be a penalty for being yourself
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What do the completely-white parts mean?
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It isn't legal to be gay in Belize. I'm not sure of the penalty, though.
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It's legal to be gay in Russia?
Weren't people boycotting the 2014 Olympics because of Russia's negative views on gay marriage?
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its true in yemen ( the country under Saudia arabia ) its not legal to be gay , im not gay but i know a lot of people who are okay with it they say freedom of choice and such but when some guy announced his homosexuality to everyone altho alot of people warned him not to he was murdered , NOT by the government or any justice but by a group of people who thinks that islam taught them to kill gay people on sight , i am a muslem and i know islam it does not say such thing but it does have a penalty of death to those who have sex while unmarried even if a guy with a girl although actually it doesnt apply anymore the death penalty i mean and there are several stories of those who fled to canada and other countries because they would have been murdered here , as for me either if a person is Gay , Atheist or whatever i really dont mind hanging out with anyone as long as we have something in common like , Art or video games or anything at all and even though alot of people think that here yemen is a crewel country and all but no not really a lot of people here are like me : ) i really think what you did here is great and hopefully helped people
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The whole of Africa comes up negative except us here in South Africa
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Does white mean uncertain?
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Yeah, white means no data yet.
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    Pffft, yeah, like it's a choice. And while in most of those green countries it's not illegal to be gay (as in you are not punished for it, but still resented by many), gay marriages aren't legal either. So for a gay person it must really suck to live in this period of time since there are quite a few places where LGBT are truly, fully accepted as a normal part of today's society.
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While it's legal to be gay in these green countries, it's not illegal to discriminate against gays in most. :noes:
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Shouldn't there be a blob of non-green covering Texas?
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Only civilized developed countries are fully open minded.
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I actually thought it was illegal for homosexuality in Russia because of all of Russia's anti-LGBTQIAP+ laws~
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Nope, it's been technically legal since 1993, though there are laws again propaganda and expression.
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only for females, well i guess i should follow "never beleave everything on the news" 
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