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By danlev

Starbow, Tre Cime by alierturk

Intermittent Site Updates

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, we’ve stopped publishing our regular Site Updates. Four months ago, we launched the DeviantArt Timeline to showcase our past accomplishments and provide insight into future happenings on the site. We will continue to use the DeviantArt Timeline as a central hub of our announcements.

While we are phasing out the weekly updates, we will continue communicating changes to the community when we have announcements to share.  Smaller site changes, which were normally in the Change Log section of Site Updates, may still be communicated through ad-hoc Site Updates. This change will allow us to better focus our efforts on top priorities while making individual postings even more meaningful and impactful.

Mobile App Updates: Notes and Improved Notifications

By popular demand, two highly-requested features are now available in the mobile app!

  • Notes: It’s now easier than ever to have private conversations with other deviants.
  • Notifications: With a completely revamped notifications, you can now view your comments, replies, activity, and mentions, just like the desktop site.

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Help Desk Changes

After fifteen years on the Internet, DeviantArt's Help section has become home to an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions — covering everything from Groups support, to Core Membership inquiries, to issues involving harassment.  These FAQs contain answers and guidance to common occurrences and concerns that deviants encounter.

Recently, the Help section was updated to provide better streamlining to FAQ answers.  By organizing and grouping together some of our most Frequently Frequently Asked Questions — the elusive FFAQs — we're able to direct deviants down paths that will, in many cases, provide immediate answers to questions.  If a question cannot be answered via the FAQs, deviants will then be prompted to submit a Help Desk ticket per normal.

This update was implemented to provide easier access to commonly asked questions.  Many questions and/or issues submitted to the Help Desk are easily found in the FAQ.  By allowing deviants better access to information, the Help Desk team is able to dedicate more time to tickets that require troubleshooting and investigation.

No changes have been made regarding DeviantArt's policies or to the types of tickets to which we respond.  Every Help Desk ticket is reviewed by a member of DeviantArt's Community Operations team.

Windows App: Easy Access to The Mobile Site

We are working with Microsoft to ensure that DeviantArt's Web experience works great on Windows 10 devices  including Surface tablets and Windows mobile phones.  The app won’t have the full native feature set of our iOS and Android apps, but will include most of the functionality from our mobile website. The app will be available in the Windows Store in the coming weeks, with several app-only enhancements  like Live Tiles!  We are eager to see the the community's response, as this will inform our commitment to future Windows product enhancements.

Prints Now Exclusively Available on Deviation Pages

Several years ago, we introduced a “Buy This Print” button directly on deviation pages, so potential buyers could configure and purchase a print without having to leave the page. Our intention of this change was always to phase out the prints pages. Today, we’re making that change.

The old prints pages, which were only accessible through the main DeviantArt Shop or on the prints tab of profiles, has been phased out. All links now point to the deviation page.

Channels Being Phased Out

As DeviantArt grows, interest in different features shifts. Over the past years, the usage of channels has been on a constant decline. In the past week, less than 0.007% of DeviantArt’s traffic visited channels. Because of deviants’ lack of interest in channels, we will be phasing them out later today.

But why not just leave a feature as-is rather than phasing it out? Even if a feature is not actively updated, it still adds maintenance and technical costs, including fixing bugs with the feature that might arise or responding to Help Desk tickets regarding the feature. For every feature that DeviantArt has, making changes to the overall site adds more time and costs. For example, if the site design or thumbnail design is updated, every page has to be accounted for. In addition, outdated pages add unnecessary complexity to the site, making DeviantArt harder to understand for new deviants.

Phasing out channels and old print pages will let us better focus our efforts on DeviantArt’s primary goals.

Looking for Volunteers to Test A Groups Feature

We are currently experimenting with a new feature for groups. This is a very experimental feature and we’re looking for group admins who are interested in trying it out. This feature has a mobile component to it, so we’re looking for admins who also have an iOS or Android phone.

If you or anyone you know fits this criteria, please say so in the comments, and don’t forget to include your Group’s name!

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There is no "buy print" button on mobile phones? @spyed @ikazon @team

MrChezco1995's avatar
Web wrapper for the Windows 10 app? Awwww that's sad :( 

Also, dA, I think you might know that iOS bridge for Windows 10 is already out... Maybe you can use that to port your iOS app to UWP. That would be great... 
AirStrikeTF's avatar
I can't get my stories to post when I try to use the normal submission! What's going on?! I want to post my newest story, and a lot of my watchers are looking forward to it!
H311LORD's avatar
RFGFotografie's avatar
I cannot upload pictures anymore to my stash (and thus my gallery) by using FTP upload. Why the fuck?
wilnet1tractor's avatar
I've been trying to forward pics in my stash to an artist, but having difficulty. Any advice? TY.
TuanaSuccess's avatar
Hello! Do you mind fixing the issue that mobile app does not show striked texts? If that is fixed already, my phone's silliness ^^;. Thank you for giving the time to read,
Abbylou365's avatar
i am having a issue
Deltaonslot's avatar
How do I update?
SlyFoxCl's avatar
Is really, really, really poor and awful the Windows 10 App and Windows 10 Mobile App.
How do you think make a Web Wrapper App for Windows is the best way?
Why do you not made a native app like Android or iOS?

Seriously, in the Windows Store exists Third-Party Apps much better than this Web Browser.
GateFan's avatar
Sad to see the Windows app just the webpage wrapped up in app form. What a kick in the rear it is to see it doesn't integrate natively with the OS, and doesn't include the feature set of iOS and Android. Why bother if that's the treatment Windows users are going to get?
Horsefinity's avatar
How do you make another folder in your stash?
designer356's avatar
In case you didn't get answer, here you go.
you select files in your pc, that you want to add to new folder and just drag them all together in the stash's "drag and drop".
It will upload them automatically in a new folder. 
FoxMan0224's avatar
I was thinking that you should add a search engine in the notifications. That way, the users of DeviantART can have an easier time to look for a certain specific thing they want to find.
Miguel-Santos's avatar
Not sure if anyone addressed this issue, but one thing I miss from the Prints page is the stats, like how many sold and how many in wishlists. I can't seem to find that now, if it's there at all. Any thoughts on that? Thanks :)
f3rnando's avatar
i was excited about the Windows  app... hmmm let's see.

i'm a basic user who wants to become more active, so maybe at first it will be okey, but later i will want more... let's see how it develops.

HOPE WE HAVE DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIVE TILES: USERS, WATCHLISTS, TodayWatchBrowseWhat’s HotUndiscoveredDaily Deviations ETC.
quyleanh's avatar
Why Windows 10 users just receive a Web App edition? :|
Studio384's avatar
This is just weak. We've been waiting all these months on a Windows app after the iOS and Android app launched, and what are we getting? A live tile? Something you can simply do in your main website itself. This doesn't show any commitment. You're basically saying your going to provide a shortcut to Windows users and nothing more. Make a native app, or make nothing. If you already get help from Microsoft, that shouldn't be that hard.
I disagree.

Microsoft has changed the programming language, APIs, & compilation method for their WinRT app platform many times. From Silverlight to C# to Universal Apps, the inconsistency is appalling to any self-respecting developer.

Still, i would bet that Universal Apps and the current APIs are here to stay. Maintenance, enhancement, and feature updates in the foreseeable future. 
Studio384's avatar
WinRT has never supported Silverlight and C# is one of the languages to write Universal Apps in, not an alternative. So your whole point doesn't stand.
BB-K's avatar
I really wish you could solve this infamous bug which has been going on for months or if not years. Whenever I press the "Download" button or right click on the button to get a higher resolution picture. Sadly, it just jump to the same page. Many pages I went, always have this kind of problem, although it happens about 50% chance.

Here's how it looks like, for example :

1. Let's say I like this picture,…
2. Press or right click "Download" button.
3. Bug happens, I jumped back to the same… (Either in separate window or in a new tab)
4. Try press "Download" button again, either it's 10% chance jump back to… again, or will it go to the high resolution version picture which the link should be…

Normally it should be -

2. Press or right click "Download" button.
3. No problem as intended, you get…

How long has this bug been worked out or you haven't notice that? Do respond on this situation.

If you want to know my browser, it's Firefox. Palemoon sometimes happen.
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