Plans Gone Wrong Contest Semi-Finalists

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It’s been complete pandamonium watching all the entries come in for the Fotolia Plans Gone Wrong Contest! We asked you to use one panda, one light and one pie to create the best mishap adventure you could and we saw everything from botched burglaries to space invasions.

Only three of our 25 semi-finalists will have their plans go right and be chosen by world wide Chairman of Fotolia, Inc., Oleg Tscheltzoff. Victory will gain our winners Fotolia credits, tablets, deviantWEAR, deviantART Memberships and much more! One lucky 1st place winner will even get a whopping $1,500 in cold hard USD cash.

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Please note: If during the finalist judging, any one of the semi-finalists becomes ineligible or is disqualified under the Official Rules, the semi-finalist judges will replace the disqualified entry with a new selection to be considered by the final judges.
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Holy shit these are awesome! :o
rianokawa's avatar
Sorry, I can't draw this, so hard.
kevinroberts's avatar
Incredible the creativity and quality of the entries, and I'm not even a fan! Seriosly, I'm so impressed, great work!
Chicken993's avatar
Congratz guys, These entries are amazing
CowsWithGuns101's avatar
Choosing a winner is going to be hard. They're all great. :D
monmon20's avatar
didn't make it [link]
but congratulations to everyone who did:)
mendha's avatar
Awesome.... :headbang:
x-Edu's avatar
To expect a new competition. congratulations. =)
RezzanATAKOL's avatar
All of them so wondefull works:)),I wish all friends much good luck:love:
Cursed-Dead's avatar
Jessa252's avatar
i'm a little upset i didnt make it but all in all these are a million times better than mine congrats
BlkFtCrowChick's avatar
My entry was the 1st time I actually used photoshop, so I knew mine wasn't gonna be no where as good as other deviants!! lol Congrats semi-finalists!!!!!
Cra-ZShaker's avatar
So, I'm not in the semi-finals... congrats to the people that are. :)
You all did a really good job. (thumbs up)
DTKinetic's avatar
I have this news article featured in my news article! =D [link]
AlgerianArtGirl's avatar
Congratulation to all of the semi-finals!
Those works are really Awesome, so you are all winners in my opinion!
Ploopie's avatar
Congrats to all the semi-finalists!! :la:
And a big thank you to the judges for picking my artwork! I will love you forever! :heart:

So many incredible awesome pieces! Oleg will not have an easy time to pick three winners for sure!
I wish we all could win! :huggle:
IosifChezan's avatar
Your last words "betray" that you are such a noble, beautiful soul, dear Ploopie :) I echo your words of congrats to all who participated and to semi-finalists who are indeed each one surprising visions.

And beyond any frustration of not been chosen, or happiness for being into first 25, we should feel so great discovering (or refreshing) in these kind of contests awesome artist minds who bring joy inside soul... and comfort, soothing, inner pleasure... CATHARSIS to our mind, through their art.
Ploopie's avatar
Aww, now you just make me blush.. :blushes: :heart:

Yes I agree!
It is amazing to see what people can create with so few and simple photographs and it's crazy how many ideas you can create with them as well!
In the end we all won is some way, I know I did.
This was a great experience I will never forget.
genegaliano's avatar
Wow.... anybody care to tell me how this one didn't make it? (It's not mine, just curious) [link]
notaunicorn's avatar
Both you and ~billyzart appear to be named Billy and from Canada! What a coincidence, you guys should get in touch.
YanasPrecursor's avatar
lol I didn't even notice that! That's funny. :)
InuShiro14's avatar
Wow! Awesome job semi-finalists!!
Good luck! :D
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