New Pope: Gay Marriage is the Work of the Devil

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Here's a 2010 equalitopia article by r0b where the newly elected Pope Francis (Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio) describes gay marriage as being the work of the devil:
Argentina’s highest-ranking Catholic prelate has warned that the country’s gay marriage bill is a “machination” of the devil, reports Pink News. 

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has called on priests in Buenos Aires, where he is archbishop, to protest against the bill, which is progressing through Argentina’s parliament.

In a letter to the monasteries of Buenos Aires, he wrote: “Let’s not be naive, we’re not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God .. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God.”


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I am a Roman-Catholic, yet I believe that LGBT+ persons should be treated with dignity and respect. 

Thinking on it now, I think that Pope Francis, on the issue of same-sex "marriage", called it "evil" because it is a bastardization of what God orginally intended for us.

Now, Pope Francis, while not necessarily homophobic, has respect for people on the LGBT+ spectrum. The pope believes God has a plan for them too, as He has a plan for all of us on earth.

Even though He may not seem as a loving, merciful Father, God loves all His children, whether they be black, white, yellow, red, or rainbow.

(On top of that, Jesus died for *all* of us, and for our sin, so we may *all* be clean and participate in the Heavenly feast).

God Bless You.

All Colours are of GOD by unicornslave  
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The only thing in those pictures that MIGHT be evil is that creepily scowling/leering baby. I swear it's looking at me! :noes:
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The good thing is that the law passed anyway
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:bulletred:New Journal please:bulletred:
*sighs* To be seeing this title (when I open the #equalitopia page) is depressing and it's been up for quite long enough(yeah?) now. I mean, the material of the journal "New Pope: Gay Marriage is the *censored* " is - thought provoking - and needs to be known. The art/photos that followed beautifully reflect how incorrect (the words that you-know-who said are) are. But... people in the community need to be encouraged and inspired too. They need to be encouraged and inspired and given hope - so much more than they need to be reminded of all the other not-so-nice stuff. If I may (be so bold as to), suggest that - how about there be a week of inspiring stories of equality actually being achieved (they may be few, but they do exist.
If you'd like - in June - I'll be on a short term break and can work on an 'article' of sorts to boost the positivity level of fellow like minded people on the page. IF it's okay.
Firing people up with passion and hope works better for forward goodness than the churning of abhorrence. It can even be a contest of sorts (so everyone can be included and involved) to get people scouring the web and non-web for factual stories that instill a sense of a brighter future ahead. Well... just a suggestion. I hope someone hears this out.

PS: Equality FTW! :dance:
Long comment is looong, sorreh!
The Devil is slowly pulling the wool over peoples eyes making this seem normal and anyone against it as the enemies. Good job coaxing the people into it... they think this is part of "evolution" pffffffftttttt
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what are you saying really? =_="
and that comment about animals is quite off, this isn't about beastality, this is about a human with a human - same species. Please stay on tangent. Or are you just unable to remain straight? (and you won't admit this, admit it) XP

If you were "born into blasphemy like that I'd kill myself right away", well, if you have thoughts like that, then............. -_- yeah.

and you could have said it all in 1 comment instead of 3 o_O"
poor kids, if i ws born into blasphemy like that I'd kill myself right away!!!
I love animals, does that allow me the opportunity to marry one or engage in sexual activity with one? You're missing the whole symbolic point.
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...Ok? Um, what the hell does that have to do with anything?! Are you comparing homosexual relationships to beastiality? Seriously, it's not the end of the civilized world if people are gay. Just live with it.
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2013 and we're still arguing about religion,gay marriage and all that.Why can't we all get along? We're all people and connected,even when we live separately.
But Christianity and Catholicism just wants us all to be separate,when we are the same.
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I feel like putting my opinion of religion (in this case, Christainty)and gay marriage.

For starters, people like the Pope, closed-minded bigots, are the reason I left Christianity. I'm not going to yell and say "God isn't real!" In fact, I'm agnostic.

But to put hatred against a group of people just because of their sexual orientation, to deny them rights because of WHO THEY WANT TO LOVE, is disgusting. Most christians I've met are hypocritcal, hateful people. Christianity is supposed to be based on LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, but people in religious power keep twisting it into HATE and EXCLUSION whether they know it or not! Go ahead, throw Leviticus at me, quote an over-translated book that may very well be completely the opposite of the orginal copy (not to mention written by flawed men who very well could have added their own opinions) and say that being gay is unnatural or a sin. Hundreds of species of animals can be homosexual, it is NATURAL. Only one species is homophobic, human beings. Which seems unnatural now?

Also, again, my opinion feel free to disagree, if your God is real, he's flawed, just like us. If God is perfect, he cannot create imperfect things. For example, machine designed to draw perfect circles cannot draw an oval. A perfect being cannot create flawed designs. In my sunday classes when I still attended, I was constantly told "You where made in God's perfect image" but that was constantly contridicted by saying "We are flawed and God is Perfect" Maybe I'm misunderstanding that though, feel free to inform me otherwise.
Also, people shout "God is love!" Yet he is full of hated for certain things? Hypocracy much?

And for the gay rights;
Human rights shouldn't be violated because some man with a book tells us it should be. Especially here in the United States. People throw the Bible out to justify banning gay marriage. This country wasn't fucking founded follow your religion! We shouldn't deny law abiding citizens their persute of happiness! You say gay marriage will hurt your religion? How in any way would it do that?! "Oh no! A gay couple is holding hands over there! My bible is falling apart the antichrist is here noo!!"
And if gay marriage does become legal across the US, it will NOT force churches to marry couples, so stop saying it will! Gay marriage does not devalue marriage, hell, to ME, marriage isn't fucking sacred anymore, it never has been so stop telling me that.

Okay. Rant over.
Feel free to throw hatred from your asses at me. I'm clearly just a 15 year old faggot who's going to burn in hell and should kill myself because stating my opinion isn't welcome or agreed with. Because LOVING SOMEBODY IS GOING TO DAMN ME TO HELL.

And one last thing, if Satan is the opposite of God, he seems le a pretty fucking nice guy.

Feel free to hate. Again, I am human and I am flawed. My opinions may offend you, and honestly, that's not my problem.

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I totally agree with you! I'm christian myself, but the fact that some of us tries to deny some people to marry is just crazy. If God created everything, he created homosexuals too. But I think many christians try to get around that by saying that homosexuality is a choice... which is simply ridiculous.
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Oh my! I was expecting a shitstorm!
I agree, if homosexuality is a choice, my brother (who is homophobic, sexist and racist ._.) could wake up one day and say "Hey! I think dicks are sexy!"
But in reality, no matter how much gay porn I throw at him, he would NEVER get a hard-on. It doesn't work that way.
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Heheh surprise...! ^^
e x a c t l y! I was trying to get the majority of the boys in my class to realise this, but they just kept shaking their heads... it honestly makes me want to throw them out a window or something. I hope your brother will realise he's in the wrong someday, good luck! :')
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I completely agree.
Homosexual? lesbianism? Look at Sodom people.
BAM! Game over.
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The bible is not to be trusted. Too many things wrong. 
I Agree For your Opinion Because Sodom People In Ancient Arab Are Extinct Because God Punish Them All
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The bible is not to be trusted. Too many things wrong.
Well I Don't trust Bible Either I Trust Quran
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I wouldn't trust that ether.
I'd trust a science book.
Well Are you Atheism??
Thechaosmaster64's avatar
Yes, I am an atheist.
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gay marriage will get banned soon if some one dennies them health care in our state due to male and feamle marriage only
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