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DeviantArt is always looking at how we can better serve deviants. We’re aware Customer Service is an area that needs improvement, and we’d like to share some of the steps we've taken to grow and what we'll be doing going forward. As you may have already noticed, our FAQs are on a new Knowledge Base platform with improved search capabilities and streamlined presentation. But those aren’t the only changes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.15.18 PM by danlev

Technology That Helps Us Help You

As deviants search for information in the Knowledge Base, we will be able to identify which answers help solve questions, while also being able to identify which answers need improvement or are missing.  This information will help us pinpoint issues so they can be addressed more quickly.

Rewritten and Improved FAQs

At the bottom of every article, you’ll find a “Did this answer your question?” button. Click “No” if you ever find an article that’s out-of-date or less-than-helpful. You’ll be prompted to log in so we can keep you up-to-date with the status of your Help Desk ticket if you decide to submit one.

aunjuli, MisfitsTamara, and LaurenKitsune reviewed and amended the FAQ answers to ensure they are clear and correct, but the process will continue as we refine our work.  We will continue to review and update the articles on a regular basis taking your feedback in consideration.

An added benefit is, if deviants have a question, it will be easier to find the articles in the extensive Knowledge Base that can answer it. This will cut down on unnecessary ticket submissions — where the solution is stated in an article — and improve our response times by freeing up our Support Team to deal with more pressing issues much faster.

Say Hello to Our New Customer Service Team Members!

Over the past year, our Customer Service team has been growing, including eight new additions:

Feel free to say hello or give them a friendly llama!

Thank You!

We will continue to improve the Knowledge Base platform with your help and feedback! Please give the new Knowledge Base a try next time you run into an issue and share your feedback on any article you encounter by using the buttons at the bottom of each article. Thank you!

DeviantArt is always looking at how we can better serve deviants. We’re aware Customer Service is an area that needs improvement, and we’d like to share some of the steps we've taken to grow and what we'll be doing going forward. As you may have already noticed, our FAQs are on a new Knowledge Base platform with improved search capabilities and streamlined presentation. But those aren’t the only changes.
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AmbientGales Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018
If only customer service wasn't broken
Koijot Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! im trying to report a bug but i cant find anywhere on that new Knowledge base where i can actually submit a report. 
where can i submit a bug report form now?
HimitsuUK Featured By Owner May 6, 2018   Photographer
Nice one
CaseyJewels Featured By Owner May 5, 2018  Student Writer
I really wish you guys were stricter with what needs a mature tag. I don't want to see nudity that has just barely been censored, or sex toys, and why the heck do you have a mature tag for language if you're not going to enforce it? I don't want to be seeing the F-word.
WerecatqueenNic Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
The mature tag for language is considered 'optional'
CaseyJewels Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Student Writer
That's pretty lame.
DanielaIvanova Featured By Owner May 5, 2018
My personal feedback: actually submitting a ticket has been made EXTREMELY difficult. One is made to jump through a number of hoops in order to be able to report a problem. There is no access to older submitted tickets. The drop-down menus for the ticket submissions only serve to confuse and frustrate, they are not helpful AT ALL. And even after I managed to submit my tickets I didn't get any notification of the reply on the website - only on my email. I find this counter-intuitive, I want to have an easy access to my tickets and replies and get an on-site notification. And finally, the replies are still automated, there is no update on whether it is being worked on the bug or not. Furthermore, on one of my tickets I got a reply in the spirit of "We're prioritizing bug fixes based on number of reports and complexity of the issue" which reads to me as a polite-ish way to say "your problem is insignificant to us since it isn't submitted by 1000 other people and it's too complicated for us to address in the near future". It sounded frankly disheartening and vaguely offensive.
This kind of service for me is unacceptable, especially in comparison to the previous system. It remains to be seen whether the addition of staff members will improve the time it takes to fix bugs since it certainly isn't related to a better assistance accessability.
MasterRJ Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
It is REALLY hard to report a bug. Many people couldn't tell me how to do that until one, after a long time, sent me a link to the OLD FAQ. And then after everything, when I try to send the bug report with everything properly filled out and checked it says that I'm trying to do something forbidden.

Please, I really want the "Dead Fella" bagde for discovering a bug/glitch. Can I just send my picture of proof and explaination to a staff member? Please, I want that badge.

Sorry for being so badge-thirsty.

Furthermore I have been bothered repeatedly by an obvious scammer, who even insulted me in the end before I finally decided to block him/her because of this. It would be greatly appreciated if I could just press a "Report Deviant" button because I'm in constant fear of being hacked after hearing that this happened to many people, some of them telling me this personally.

I also believe it is important to tell you that someone told me that dA has a large population of active child groomers. Can you verify this?

Thank you for reading!

P.S. I really want the Dead Fella badge
ExploringCity Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
Hey. You kinda put reporting deviants breaking the rules abit hard. Can you find me a link to report someone?
UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner May 3, 2018   Digital Artist
MidnightExigent Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where did I put my car keys?
Tuntalm Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
If you could just add a "contact the help desk" button at the bottom of the page, that'd be great. Last time, i needed to go on an entirely different website to find a link to the help desk form (this website :…)

It doesn't make sense to split both things, unless you don't want people to contact you, but I guess that's not the goal here (hopefully not :lol:)
danlev Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
The Zendesk site will be phased out. But as the article says, when you have an issue, search for the answer in the Knowledge Base, and if the relevant article doesn't fully answer your question, or you need further help, there's a button at the bottom of each article that says "Did this answer your question?" -- when you click no, you'll be prompted to contact us.

You can also use the direct link:…
Stupid question, can I report abuse with those stuff members? 
Tuntalm Featured By Owner May 3, 2018
Okay thank you for your answer :)

Didn't notice the button at the end of each article, I was looking for a main button/page. It sounds fair.
Bootsii Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Last time I checked, there was missing information (that used to be there) on the page on emoticons. Before, it used to state a list of how many emoticons one could use across different areas of the site whereas now it just gives instructions on how to add emoticons to comments.
You can still see *some* of the old answer on the page's metadata when you search for "how many emoticons can you put in a journal on deviantart," for example, on Google. You'll see the page I'm looking for is titled "What are the limits for thumbnails and emoticons?" but upon clicking into it, it becomes "How do I add an emoji/emoticon?"
danlev Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
Heya. We cleaned up a lot of the articles, and removed some of them that were outdated. In general, there isn't really a rule on how many emoticons/thumbs are allowed in certain areas of the site, since most areas will restrict you if there's a limit of thumbs, and there are many journals with a ton of thumbs (like art features) or emoticons (like emoticon lists) that look great. As long as you're not maliciously spamming, you're good. :) 
Bootsii Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OH! That's good to hear. Thank you so much for the info!
Space-between-spaces Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Please return the help desk to it's original functionality, you know, the one where when we looked for facts it gave us the correct facts. Now it gives us vague answers regarding policies that don't answer our questions regarding them.

Also I applied to become a help desk volunteer a while back, did you ever receive my application or did it get declined? If it was declined can you tell me ways to make it look more suitable?
Veroom Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I don't really have any thoughts about the new system since I've barely used it. At the very least it's nice that old FAQ links redirect to corresponding new pages.

That said, I noticed the new system before this post, since I looked up the FAQ a few weeks ago when many bondage artists suddenly started getting hit by saw mass deletions and month suspensions. If that arose from various FAQs (such as the infamously vague 248) getting rewritten and their infringement being caused by a new rule, I feel it would have been nice to issue warnings first instead of taking drastic action right away. It feels unfair to temporarily ban people and remove their efforts for not following changes, before you've even told them of the changes!
Username-91 Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer

Congratulations to the new DeviantART team members. As for the helpdesk platform, I dislike the way it works; I'm more for returning the old platform. Because thanks to it, we could send applications quickly and easily. The new helpdesk is complicated, 90% of the features the old platform had disappeared. Where are the shortcuts that we could use before by using the faq codes? (Example FAQ #303: I'm offended by something I saw on the website!) In this way, we could find a certain rule, and address it to users who want to know what is allowed and what isn’t. Now when I use these old faq codes, it either leads me to the same answer, or it gives me an answer that has nothing to do with the query I was searching. Remember when the Senior community and volunteers complained about the group limit submission process. There is a suggestion forum related to this topic; I didn't saw an Administrator from dt Community saying that he will fix the current Group submission limit.

UnexpectedToy Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Professional Digital Artist

Congratulations to the new DA team members.  :party:
     slytype  | Kietz |  ThaAuthor  | newrose4u  | PixelHideout  | TheSquidArrives  | ctrom | ddlv1988

Lots of work in store to keep the knowledge base maintained and updated. (Speaking from experience, playing the role of Senior Technical Writer at work.)


As the Knowledge Base is fleshed out, the team may want to think about standard user workflows.  Indicating not only how to do things but why. 

  • New to DA.  How to fav and comment and what this means to others.  How to behave in a civil and productive manner when doing so. 
  • How to post artwork.  Why certain criteria should be filled out and how it matters.  What to do after artwork is posted.
  • Features offered with a DeviantArt subscription.  Not only list the features but indicate in full detail how to use and operate widgets, widget limitations, and examples.
389898 Featured By Owner Edited May 5, 2018
I think it would probably be wise to advise the new DA users that the fav and commenting is optional, but recommended. If they just want to fav without commenting, that's fine, same for commenting without faving. Just my opinion, since some probably do wanna just the two anyway, and are probably speechless on the art. (I'm one of those people who tends to comment or fav or both)

And also, like the ideas of the other two.
danlev Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
Great ideas! Thank you for the feedback!
Whisper292 Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for all your hard work. I do have a suggestion, though. You should put Help and FAQ on the main page instead of at the bottom of one of the menus. It needs to be easier to find.
KovoWolf Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Professional General Artist
Can I just say I LOVE the look and feel of the new knowledge base! So sleek and easy to use!
JadeFoxu Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
It’s easy for you??? It’s freaking impossible for most of us... .-.
Username-91 Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer

You must adore how this volunteer supports every drastic change that killed the Community. Other volunteers and Senior members complained about the Group limit submission process including overpriced subscriptions. Many of them also complained about the new reporting/blocking feature too, but she supports everything that makes the Community more closed and more sophomoric. Her actions left me speechless. I don't know what her mission is when she's not willing to support the Community that is against these rapid changes on the site.

JadeFoxu Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Was that sarcasm when you said "You must adore how this volunteer supports every drastic change that killed the Community."?? XD Because I honestly don’t even know a thing about her.
Username-91 Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
No, I wasn't sarcastic. I was serious when I said that, when people complained about the new blocking feature, she supported.
JadeFoxu Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn. She must want it to die lmao.
Username-91 Featured By Owner Edited May 2, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer

She is only useful for giving daily deviations. But when it comes to supporting the Community and helping us to raise our voice and complaints she's worthless.

cogwurx Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you for all the hard work on the knowledge base. I'm sure it's a monumental task.
Velvet--Glove Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
It really would help if when you clicked "no" (help page is not helpful) you could provide a small space for feedback, additions or corrections.

I'm happy to help expand the info provided where I see something missing but it's just too much bother the way it is now, having to go through the helpdesk etc. Should be quick and easy to submit revisions.

Oh, and having a thumbcode, link or FAQ# for your new pages would really help too. Directing others to a new style page that would answer their question is just so cumbersome at the moment - from what I could see only the full URL from the address bar was possible.

So my opinion of the new knowledge base is:
  • + good idea
  • + long overdue
  • + I like the fuller information provided
  • + More attractive to look at
  • + Probably more comprehensive overall
  • - Articles need easy/quick links so people can be directed to specific info
  • - Needs easier way to submit suggestions for improvements/corrections/missing info
cottoncritter Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Panda: Please  I’m feeling a little more reassured about dA seeing these news/updates roll out! Panda: !! 
Myuuna Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I've had this update for a while now and I'd like to put in my two cents as well since I think it's important,
Over the past few months (I think?) I've had this I've needed to report people multiple times, mostly the links weren't working or redirectedme to another FAQ on how to block for example (which is utterly useless when the person in speaking was block evading). 
Even my friends had tried to find the report site, and now I just go to my old tickets and do it via there so I really do suggest maybe an easier layout, especially for people new to deviantart who have no idea how to find such things.

Another thing I think might be smarter is to have a shorter general rules or something, maybe a faq list within it showing when and when these terms were updated/changed so its easier to overview what to read to keep updated with the sites rules?

I understand that this update has cost a lot of time and effort but in all honesty I was disappointed when (in my case) it was hard to find stuff and sometimes even hard to find the faq links to see what's against the rules/to link to people/etc.
I think newcomers who have less experience with DA changing their layout so drastically might have a lot of trouble tbh.
PeppermintSoda Featured By Owner Edited May 1, 2018  Student
Uhh yeah, I have a question: where do I go to contact the help desk? Some people have asked me where because they need to change their date of birth, but they couldn't seem to find the Help Desk anywhere. Got any alternatives?

EDIT: Never mind, found it.
BGai Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
It is great if DA are trying to improve things for customers but with this new help system I have noticed 2 issues - it is really difficult to find out how to submit a ticket when you need to - though I did eventually find it - I'm stubborn :) The other issue - and I just checked to see its still the same - Known Issues comes up with a blank page - and I did log in. I was searching recently when we all started having problems with notes coming through blank. I ended up submitting a ticket - only to be told it was a known issue. I wouldn't have submitted the ticket if I could have seen it was an issue DA was aware of.
danlev Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
You can always use the direct link! :)…

At the moment, we aren't utilizing the Known Issues section, but we may in the future! :) 
BGai Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
Thanks for that. I did also see the link on other comments so Ive kept it. OK, good to know the blank screen wasn't a bug :)
JuxieGamerElite105 Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad the community is trying to improve!
If any problems or questions occur will find my way there!
robert-kim-karen Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Cool. Thank you for trying.
MoviesBandit Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018
I love DA. My only complaint was twice (maybe three times, I forget) I tried to purchase 800 points and each time it failed. The help desk said My bank never authorized the transaction, but my account said the sale happened, and two weeks later the money came back to the card. So the money was spent, just never received by DA and then returned. One of the bugs DA shouldn't ever have is losing potential $$$.
danlev Featured By Owner May 1, 2018
Hey! That should never happen! Did you follow-up with Customer Support about this issue?
MoviesBandit Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
My gift card had exactly 10 dollars on it, so I tried purchasing 800 points. My card showed the transaction. But nothing happened for some time. Finally I asked, or put in a ticket. The response was my bank never put authorized the money. Looking at my account it ended up showing after a week or two the money being restored to the account. I tried it again figuring it was a clerical error. But the same thing happened. After a week or two the money was put back on the card. And no points. Maybe somewhere there is a 2 penny transaction fee or something. I doubt it as I purchased my core membership with the same card without a transaction fee. Its all very strange to me. But I do want to spend my 10$ here at DA :)
pinkythepink Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
The new knowledge base is great but opening a ticket was a confusing process. I hope there will be a knowledge base page dedicated to how. :lol:
pinkythepink Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Professional Artisan Crafter
:w00t: Wonderful, thank you! I'll bookmark this right in.
ikazon Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2018   Writer
It's a bit of a bummer to see the :faq: link shortcut go, but this is great news, as far as streamlining things goes. Glad to see the switch, and to finally see help pages that don't look fifteen years old :laughing: :ahoy:
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:icondanlev: More from danlev

Eclipse Change Log: January 30, 2019In this week's change log, we have a small handful of bug fixes and improvements as we continue with the larger features that are in development. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Change LogThe "add to favorites" panel on deviation pages now allows you to select multiple collections. (Popular request, suggested by @kage-niji, @sa6044, @tanyasimpson, and many others)Bios are now editable!Literature thumbnails now include four lines of preview text. (Suggested by @wynbird, @battlefairies, and many others)On the Daily Deviations page, literature now includes preview text. Various other smaller bug fixes and stability improvementsThe new "add to favorites" panel lets you easily add a deviation to many Collections. (Artwork: hidden view by @umbatman)Literature thumbs — including on the Daily Deviations page — now include preview text.Using the New Bio EditorTry the new Eclipse bio editor! When adding a bio to your Eclipse profile, we'll start you off with your bio from the old site. Please keep in mind that some elements, such as thumbnails, were not able to be transitioned to the new editor, however you can still add them to your bio. We recommend trying the new image and gallery features to share your favorite artwork in your bio.Also note that due to migration issues, bios of deviants who are not on Eclipse are static, meaning if they update them on the old site, the changes will not be reflected on Eclipse until that deviant switches to Eclipse and edits their bio using the new editor. Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse
Eclipse Change Log: January 9, 2019

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2019, deviants! We hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday, and we can’t wait to dive into this year’s updates and fixes!

Before we get into this week’s change log, we’d like to inform you of some major upcoming Eclipse-related updates, which will be highlighted and discussed in separate journals outside of the regular change logs. Some of these major updates include:

Custom boxes / customizationFeedback & WatchLiteratureAdditional Profile personalization

These are fairly significant updates to DeviantArt Eclipse that we look forward to communicating and sharing with you all in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes open! Without further delay, here are this week’s changes and bug fixes:

Change Log

Embedding deviations and pasting thumb codes are back! Try pasting a deviation URL in a comment or a journal! (Popular request!)You can now include a deviant’s avatar using the “Insert Emote” button. (Popular request!)The top navigation bar now has a light theme!You can now search for a specific artist’s deviations and other content by searching for “ @username ”When adding a deviations to a comment or journal using gallery mode, the editor now shows the limit and number of deviations chosen.Fixed issue where Feedback would not be sorted correctly after you reach the end of each “page” of results.Deleting deviations, status updates, journals now properly reloads the page.Artist hover cards now appear when on usernames, not just avatars.When rolling over your own avatar, the hover card no longer says “Message” and “Watch”Adjusted size of the artist hover card to be more compactOn donation pools, the number 0 would overlay on the word “Goal” when you initially add the section.When hovering over default donation pool bar, it shows “NaN%”.The donation pool’s meter displayed as full when they were empty (0/0).

Keep Sharing Your Feedback!

Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

BETA TEST: DeviantArt Eclipse

As you may know, DeviantArt has been long working on a big update of our site and overall user experience. It’s been over a year of brainstorms, planning, research, interviews, testing, and more, and now we’re gearing up for a full Eclipse!

The time has finally come: we’re excited to announce DeviantArt Eclipse to beta testers. Take a look at the new design and some of the new features on our promo site. How To Try DeviantArt Eclipse

Now it’s time for you all to experience it! All beta testers have been enabled with DeviantArt Eclipse. To make the switch simply click on the More menu on the top navigation and select “Try DeviantArt Eclipse.”You can switch back to the old site by clicking on the avatar icon and selecting “Back to Old Version.”

Explore What’s New

We can’t wait for you to explore some of our awesome new features! We recommend starting off by selecting Header Art in order to personalize your Profile and make a “wow!” first impression.

After you’ve done that, elevate your art by choosing a deviation background (Core Members have more background options to select from as well). Expand your watch list and community outreach by browsing status updates and polls. Experiment with the new Love Meter to indicate how much a certain work of art matches your personal taste. Go on and explore, Beta Testers!

Reporting Bugs, Feature Requests, and Feedback

DeviantArt Eclipse is still in development. You will likely encounter bugs and unfinished features. We need your help to test out our new features! If you do find any issues, please let us know.

Submit a bug or feature request (submit to this form as many times as you’d like!)Please try to include as much information as possible, such as browser info, OS info, screenshots, links, reproduction steps, what you expected to see versus what you actually experienced, and anything else you think will help describe your issue.Please do not contact DeviantArt Support about Eclipse-related bugs or issues — we’d like to collect all bugs and feedback though this form.Submit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

Known Issues & In-Development Features

Here are some of the major known issues we are aware of and actively working on:

We are still working on the favouriting and collecting experience. Please share your feedback!It’s not yet possible to include Literature and Journal thumbs in comments or galleries within Journals.Icon codes are in development.Sharing a thumbnail in a Journal or comment using a link (or :thumb: code) is not yet possible.Thumbnails of pixel art, stamps, and small images have some display issues. Literature thumbs do not include preview text.Various feedback notifications (such as certain types of replies and deviation mentions) are not yet completed and may display as an error.Feedback will sometimes get out of order after scrolling through many notifications.Minor formatting issues in new Journal text editor.Bio and personal information are not yet editable on Eclipse.Gallery Subfolders and Gallery Stats will be temporarily unavailable as we rebuild them in the future.The mobile web version is not yet available.Comment permalinks don't include links to the original content or parent comment. Submitting Journals to Groups is not yet possible. While creating or editing Commissions, the Points-currency conversion is not being calculated properly. (This is just a visual bug; the price of Points is not changing.)

Questions on certain Eclipse features? Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

Eclipse Change Log: December 12, 2018

This week, nearly the whole DeviantArt team — encompassing staff members from Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Kiev, and Vancouver, to name a few — has come together at our HQ in Hollywood to focus on Eclipse and plan what’s in store for 2019.

As a reminder, we’re continuing to work on the bigger community feedback concerns — including customization and improvements to Feedback — and we hope to share more soon.

Since the holidays are coming up, and many people on our team are traveling or taking time off, we won’t have a change log to share for a short while. But we want to let you all know that we are continuing to review and analyze your feedback, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you early next year!

Change Log

Literature descriptions are back! (Popular request!)After replying to a comment in Feedback, the notification is now automatically removed. (Popular request!)Comment link pages now have "parent" and "top" buttons, and are now centered for easy readability. (Popular request!)Scraps are back!You can now mention a deviant just by typing (rather than selecting them from the list).The Gift dropdown on profile now tells you when you've already given them a llama or they are full of cake. Removed minimum character count in Status Updates and Journals, allowing deviants to share a post that simply includes a deviation, gallery, or video.

Preview of the new comment permalink pages.

Keep Sharing Your Feedback!

Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse...

Featured in Collections


What's Next for Eclipse: FeedbackLate last year, we released the beta version of DeviantArt Eclipse – a redesign that puts more emphasis on artists and their art. It’s one of our biggest, most ambitious updates to date, which is why we’ve chosen to open it to Beta Testers as early as we did. Not only do we need Beta Testers’ help locating and squashing those pesky bugs, we want to gain deviants’ feedback, thoughts, and opinions on the current Eclipse experience and what we should include in the future. We’re very proud and excited with the level of collaboration we’ve been able to achieve with the DeviantArt community, and we hope to continue this as we further develop Eclipse.The Beta version of Eclipse has brought many changes (see them here), with even more in store, including ways to customize and personalize Profiles! We Hear You!Since the Beta launch of Eclipse late last year, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding just that: Feedback. You might have called it a few other names in the past: Feedback, Message Center, Notifications, etc. Let’s establish what Feedback is: it’s comments and replies made on your art, any mentions of you or your art, and correspondence with other deviants and groups. We processed and analyzed your thoughts and opinions on Feedback, and how cumbersome it had become to interact with friends on Eclipse. With that, we’re excited to show you some major updates in the works.Changes We’re Making Based on Your FeedbackNew NavigationYou can now easily access Feedback by clicking on the bell icon next to your avatar, with all the different areas visible for you to filter through. Just a simple click and you can filter to view only your comments or only your mentions.One-Click RemoveA popular request from several Beta Testers! With one, easy click of a mouse you can tidy up Feedback to your exact liking. Multi-Remove & Multi-SaveEnjoy a more seamless process of removing multiple notifications in an efficient manner, or saving some of your favorite Feedback moments.Let Us Know!We understand how important being involved and embedded in the DeviantArt community is, and we hope the updated Feedback helps you connect and communicate more easily. These upcoming updates will be announced in @danlev 's weekly change logs as soon as they are live. Share with us in the comments what you look forward to using in Feedback, as well as anything else you’d like to see improved!Got something else on your mind? Let us know:Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt EclipseSpecial shoutout to the DeviantArt staff involved with these major Feedback updates:@tomergr @heidi @roihim @yury-n @noaron @zilla774 @mariiasv @nishnushtlv @chenarbel @thesquidarrives Be kind and show them some love or ask them a question if you have any! Interested in Trying Out Eclipse?If you're a Core Member and interested in trying out Eclipse yourself, go to your Settings and enable beta testing. Once you've enabled beta testing, go to the More menu and select "Try DevianArt Eclipse".

Journals by TanyaSimpson

Interesting journals by C-91

More from DeviantArt

Thank You for Your Feedback on Eclipse!

Last week, we announced the Beta launch of DeviantArt Eclipse — a completely redesigned version of DeviantArt that puts more emphasis on artists and their art. As a Beta release, Eclipse is still under development and only available to a small portion of the DeviantArt community. We use the Beta release to gather feedback that allows us to closely analyze deviant engagement and sentiment.

Over 4,000 deviants have already tried Eclipse and many have shared their invaluable and much-appreciated feedback. We’ve received nearly 1,700 individual Eclipse feedback reports — including 407 bug reports, 532 feature requests, and 748 pieces of general commentary. Our team has read through and triaged over 60% of these reports and has a goal of completing all of them in the coming week. Thank you to every deviant who has taken the time to share feedback. Whether you’re someone who provided a few words or several paragraphs of candid response, we appreciate the passion you have for helping us ensure Eclipse will meet the needs of our diverse community.

This Is Just the Beginning of Eclipse

As with most Beta releases, we launched Eclipse knowing there were bugs and highlighted a handful of the most obvious in our release journal. We wanted to release sooner than later so we can begin this journey together – gathering feedback and insights and applying it into our development, fixes, and improvements. Plus, as Beta Testers, this is what you signed up for! We need your deviant-expertise to help identify bugs everything from baby bugs to elusive, exotic bugs.

Based on feedback, it’s clear there are certain areas of Eclipse that are leaps and bounds ahead of the “green site.” It’s also clear there are some things that need to be improved. We expected this and continue to welcome your feedback — the good and the bad. We’re in this together and want to hear from deviants every step of the way.

We're Exploring More Ways To Customize Your Profile

Eclipse provides new ways to personalize your Profile, including the ability to select Header Art for your page, linking to your social media platforms, and stating your commission status. However, with the removal of Custom Box, we heard, loud and clear, that deviants want more options to display content.We’re also in the process of exploring other ways you can customize your Profile.We’ll be sharing tips and varied examples of ways you can really customize Profiles. In the meantime, here’s one example of how @katy-l-wood is testing Eclipse’s current abilities to enhance her Profile.
Many deviants asked for the ability to showcase a single deviation on your profile. This is something we are already working on. We’d also like to clarify that, for the foreseeable future, Custom Boxes within Groups will remain as they are. Groups will eventually be redesigned with Eclipse in mind, but that process won’t be complete for many months. We’ll provide advance notice about any removal of Custom Boxes in Groups.

Addressing Your Other Top Concerns

The new Feedback allows easy viewability of your most recent and unread notifications; however, we’ve seen concerns about Feedback needing improvement as a whole. For example, deviants report it’s cumbersome to remove notifications and it’s hard to remove notifications in bulk. We’ll be making the “remove” button more accessible so that you can one-click remove (or one-click save) just as you could on the “green site.” We’re still reviewing the experience of mass removing feedback and hope to have updates soon.We are currently working on issues regarding Header Art and avatars – specifically, their size and quality. Icon codes and plz accounts will be coming soon to Eclipse. :iconlaplz:The new text editor makes it easy to write Literature, with the option to add formatting and illustrations to your work. That said, the Literature experience in Eclipse is still a work in progress. As we mentioned in the Beta journal, using Literature and journal thumbnails is not yet finished. Literature thumbnails in the sidebar (under “More Like This”) are also not yet finished.Improving the display of Literature thumbnails is something our Product and UX teams are already actively working on improving.Having a “Show More” link on deviation descriptions and comments allows for a cleaner viewing experience; however, based on feedback, we've removed "Show More" from deviation descriptions and comments.While search in Gallery, Favourites, and Journals didn’t make it into the Beta version of Eclipse, it’s our aim to bring this functionality to Eclipse.Several deviants brought up that the ability to include thumbs by pasting a URL (or thumb code) is not currently possible. We mentioned this in the original announcement, but we want to reiterate this is not working as intended and will be implemented in the future.

Of course, this isn’t a complete list. It represents our first step at addressing some of your top concerns and we’ll be sharing more responses and updates — including bug fixes — in the weeks ahead.

Keep it Coming!

In the release process, things are constantly evolving as we gain insights and implement updates. Please keep in mind these updates can take time to get used to. As you continue to explore Eclipse, share your thoughts and concerns through the Eclipse overall feedback or bug report/feature request forms. While we encourage general discussion in the journal comments, using the official form allows us to triage and act on feedback in a quicker, more manageable way.

We also want to give a shout-out to the amazing deviants who’ve produced really thorough Eclipse reviews:

Re: Eclipse by @rotane Eclipse by @katy-l-wood Review of Eclipse + Suggestions @nominee84 @senshistock’s video and documentEclipse Glimpse and Thoughts by @lexidus @taitrochelle’s videoMy Deviation Submission Journey in Eclipse PLUS by @ilantiis My Thoughts on the New Watch/Feedback System by @iingo Eclipse: WhatIsRight, WhatIsNot, HowToFixIt @ashclad-shade

Again, thank you to everyone! With your feedback, we’ve filed numerous bugs and our developers are working on them continually.


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