MyWeekThroughArt: How Has Your Week Been?

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Deviation Actions

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How has your week been? Tell us through artwork using the new Journal editor.

How to Participate

Simply post a Journal entry with three deviations that represent your week (or your week to come).
  1. Start a new Journal entry
  2. Using the new "Add Media" sidebar, search deviantART for three deviations that represent your week and then place them in your Journal (for example, if you went on a date this week, one of your deviations might depict two people having dinner).
  3. At the end of your Journal, add a link back to this Journal by copy and pasting the following text:
    "This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?"
  4. Title your Journal "MyWeekThroughArt" and submit it!


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