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By danlev
DeviantART is proud to announce More Like This - a new way to explore deviantART. When you find a piece of artwork that you love, More Like This surfaces related artwork, artists, and Collections. With More Like This and our other new browse upgrades, deep-diving through the deviantART community's diverse collection of over 200 million deviations just got better.
We developed More Like This to make it easier to find the content you love. With over 100,000 new deviations being submitted daily, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of browsable artwork. More Like This allows you to discover corners of deviantART catered just to you, based on deviations you already love.
The viewing experience no longer stops after one image. With More Like This, you can choose to browse endlessly through a stream of artwork, changing your path each time you click "More Like This" on a deviation. If you love exploring artwork, you'll love More Like This.
More Like This is not image-recognition software. Instead, it looks at where an image exists on the deviantART social graph and finds deviations that are nearby. This means that members of the deviantART community help define the More Like This results. Explore the connections and insights of the deviantART community with every click.
When you organize results by artist, More Like This surfaces people that create artwork similar to what you’ve selected, allowing you to find and explore new talent!
With millions of Collections of artwork curated by the deviantART community, More Like This lets you organize results by Collections of Favourites from the community that are relevant to the artwork you select.
When using Browse or Search, hover over a deviation and select "More Like This" to see more content like that deviation. This means that you can select "More Like This" from More Like This results, allowing you to browse endlessly through a stream of related artwork!
More Like This buttons can also be found on deviation pages.
We've improved the left-hand navigation bar to include Popular and Newest options. For deviants who like their art to be larger than life, the new Full View mode allows deviations to be browsed through at a larger scale. Full View mode also provides the ability to favourite, collect, view comments, and participate in the discussion right from the browse page.
Our new Show More button allows you to scroll endlessly while browsing More Like This results. For those that prefer the original pagination interface, we've added an option to toggle between both modes. Your setting will be preserved as you browse.

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please get this back again this was what could help me get inspiration for me. and now i can not get inspiration anymore. :(

saltydoesDA's avatar

So it really is gone, huh?


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To whom it may concern;

Go fuck yourself. Eclipse is hot garbage. Change it back.


All of us.

358-2days's avatar

I second that emotion.

KayMan13's avatar
Outcast343's avatar

I really do miss this valuable utility so much. It made searching for similar art works such a breeze and now it's gone. :(

Current mood: "Look how they massacred my boy."

I really liked the more like this option so then i can see all the artist that make similar things and maybe find a new artist that I like

shinmix's avatar

More like this was so great. Since the search is broken.

suethehedghog29's avatar
Some people still use the old site, please fix the "more like this"! Hell it still says "BETA" on it!
fangseeker's avatar

We want the More Like This button back!

KayMan13's avatar
PropellerYellowToad's avatar
Fellas, fellas,

the whole thing is dependent on deviations getting added into a collection with each other

so people put unrelated together and end up influencing it
Kinghippy666's avatar
Sir, I don't mean to be pissy, but I think your method for finding related is kinda broken. My dragon war epics are related to MLP Fallout and Character X reader. I hae NOT mentioned a single piece of romance in my entire story yet they're still related. I also see a lot of people suffering the same issue in the comments section, so could you please try and fix them.

Thanks, a random hippy.
WAIT THIS IS A ART WORK?? Not a web link cool
lassinizonawlamink's avatar
GumballTrisWatterson's avatar
WTF? on my gumball pic of season 3 gumball and darwin running away from season 1 gumball and darwin
In the related posts there is MLP fetish art and weird TMNT drawings
SamiiiNomNom's avatar
Whats with all the nude dude (unrelated) drawings?
EnzymeDevice's avatar
I always, ALWAYS get Harry Potter fanart and weird-ass fetish stuff... :| It's a conspiracy, I tell you! Crying 
xSeanFTWx's avatar
same. all i see is unrelated stuff that are sexual and unrelated.🤔🤔
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