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UPDATE: Eclipse is now released to all deviants! Click the "Eclipse" toggle on the top navigation to try Eclipse.

Thanks to the efforts of AriBanks and her supporters, you’ve gotten a glimpse of DeviantArt Eclipse. So now you probably want in? We’re stoked that you want access to the new redesign and to experience DeviantArt in dark or light.

To get DeviantArt Eclipse:

  1. Favourite this journal

  2. Comment below (and while you’re at it, feel free to tag a friend or two who may want to try it too!)

We’ll add you to our growing list of deviants interested in stepping into the new phase with Eclipse. Keep in mind Eclipse will be steadily rolled out to deviants in batches over the coming weeks and months, so don’t fret if you haven’t received a notification just yet!

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Eclipse is availble to all users since May 2020. The toggle was only there for old users to get used to it (and share feedback to improve it, which we still can do).

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I'm a little bit late.

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I feel like that im too late

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I feel like i'm too late for this.. but where is the 'eclipse' toggle??

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IHope im not too late.#chanmonet

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This is really late, but i just saw this and I don't know if I'm using Eclipse right now, or the old DeviantArt. Uhh so Imma leave a comment and just see??

Edit: Oh I'm dumb I'm using Eclipse right now i w i

wElL iT's nOt tHaT bAd iDk wAhT lE hElL yA'lL cOmPlAiNiN' aBoUt-

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is it out? I wanna try

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It's been out since May20.

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We all already are using it since May 20.

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I'm wiling to give it a try

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It's been out since May 20. You and everyone else are already using it.

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Literally the worst thing I don't like about Eclipse is the removal of categories, I can't even upload new emoticons anymore.

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Too bad you didn't leave it with the beta testers for another couple of years....

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Interesting things have been turning up in my Absence....

and I am sad that I wasn't here when things were going down.

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Can we go back please? I don't like Eclipse at all...

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Eclipse became permanent on May 20.

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Thank you! It's been years since I've been here!
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Need a link to eclipse please

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