Introducing Commissions on deviantART

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Deviation Actions

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Generate real earnings through custom creations

1. List Commission availability on your profile

The Commissions Widget showcases your offerings, showing potential clients that you are accepting requests.

2. Client request Commissions

Commission requests are sent to the artist's Message Center, allowing them to accept or reject the request.

3. You receive payment, you deliver artwork

Artists can track their Commission transactions and generate real profit through My Earnings, garnering 80% royalty on each transaction. Earnings can then be withdrawn as a check, via PayPal, or converted to deviantART Points.

My Correspondence

The new My Correspondence page gives you access to all of your correspondence messages, including Commissions and Group requests. Comments and replies can also be left on accepted commission requests, for a more convenient experience for buyer and seller alike.

The 80% Royalty, Explained

DeviantART offers one of the few places on the Internet with millions of visitors interested only in the incredible depth and breadth of artforms presented by our deviants. And, the truth is, it costs money to run the site. The Commissions Widget alone required building a number of new technologies, as well as harnessing and tweaking existing features to work with the new changes. The 20% fee we charge helps build and maintain everything that's involved -- and there is more to come on this feature.

We're considering tiered fees in the future for people who reach monthly sales levels, and for Premium Members, but we'd like to see this spread onto the site before making those changes so we can accurately project where the breaks for the different levels should be placed. Anyone who chooses to use the widget will be providing us valuable insight and data that we will use to mold the future of the widget and the forthcoming Portal/search ability that will allow people to browse and discover artists who are offering commissions. For those who don't see the value in the widget, deviants still have the ability to provide commissions via the same methods they've always had.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coming Soon: Browse and discover artists who are currently offering Commissions.
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So the "Commissions" mechanism is apparently the only officially recognized way artists and buyers can negotiate a transaction that DA takes any interest or responsibility for? How does the "Commissions" system give any more useful a paper trail for a contractual agreement between artist and patron than using DA's email system? That's a paper trail residing on their servers they have complete access to. This help article is woefully outdated but is it still the case that DA charges 20% on each "Commission" transaction? I guess that would explain some things, like what possible added value "Commissions" offers the community. We only police this roped off area.... so use this area.

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Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I was eventually linked here from the Help Center even though eclipse has made this somewhat unusable. Why doesn't the point value of a commission over $1 show up anymore?

PsychoVdude13x's avatar

Seems like it's fixed now.

merukyuriaru's avatar

Hello! I have no clue when I have to withdrawn with PayPal, it kept give me the warning "Please enter a verified email." However, when I try to open the page how to get verified, it said "The page you're looking for is no longer available" on the PayPal's site. Looks like the links that I have to refereed is out of date...

ForeverWildstar's avatar

I have no clue how to use the new commissions widget and neither do my customers?? ALL of the help links you have are OUTDATED so they offer no help at all! And the comments below me say it isn't getting better! This is money that artists could need why isnt it working??

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When anyone tries to buys commission from me they get "An error has occurred. Please try again." message, I also can't buy any commission because of this. A lot of people have problems like this, and it really needs fixing! :/

How do you set up a Commission Point Widget?

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Hello just here to add to the ever growing sea of complaints that the commission widgets aren't working and are giving out errors. It's getting ridiculous the amount of people complaining about this problem and it getting no response from the DA team. We aren't asking you to wave a wand and immediately fix it but to actually acknowledge the problem and say you're working on fixing it.

CLCDesigns's avatar

when someone trys to give me points through commissions it tells them error

Oh-My-Stars's avatar

My commissioners are getting errors when trying to commission me through the shop part of my page. Is there a way to fix this?

PancakeAndTeaAdopts's avatar

The eclipse doesn't let me order a commission, is this normal ?

it just says : An error has occurred. Please try again.

DemonShadowClan's avatar
Avaloki's avatar

same with me ;;^;; what should i do....

macaarons's avatar

yes, it happened to me ;_; i have no idea how bad is eclipse ///

KittyDLR's avatar

It keeps saying my Paypal isn't verified but it is. So I can't actually get my commission money to my Paypal??

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Hi. Are you sure your PayPal is verified?

For security, we require that you make sure your account is completely verified before your Earnings can be transferred to Paypal. You will need to log into Paypal and follow these instructions, which will explain what is required for this level of verification.

KittyDLR's avatar

Ooh I see. I didn't realize I had to do more than normal verification. Thank you!

CoralScorpion's avatar

How do I connect my Paypal account to my dA account?

soft-ghost's avatar
How do sales taxes come into play with commissions on DeviantArt? 
Amiination's avatar

How do you create a commission? I don't really understand the instructions and couldn't find how to create one, or is it because I'm using mobile? And also Do I really need a paypal or anything regarding real money to get points? They said I needed a 'memebership' or whatever to get/give points. I'm very new, so I don't understand how this works :(

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i am familiar with this on the old DA site, but on eclipse i am having some trouble navigating this to post a commission, and where does it show up?

jettmanas's avatar

Still trying to figure this out. Does this mean it has to be on a phone?

I have no idea where this is or how to do this on PC.


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What if you have commissions that fall under the same category, so you have them all in one post, how do you not make them all the same price?
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For different priced commissions, you'll have to create different individual commissions.

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