Equaldex, LGBT Knowledge Base, Launches on Feb 25

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Equaldex, The Collaborative LGBT Knowledge Base, to Launch on February 25

After months of testing and contributions by hundreds of Alpha Testers, Equaldex will be launching to the public on Tuesday, February 25. The site is a global LGBT rights website that can be edited by anyone.

Aimed at becoming a comprehensive resource for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) laws and data in each country and region, Equaldex allows users to contribute data — along with sources — which becomes verified by other users.

Upon launching to the public, the entire Equaldex site will become publicly visible, while editing will be restricted to members who have been granted access. 

Want to try it out early? Request access to Equaldex.

Journalists: for press and media inquiries, please contact Dan Leveille (dan@equaldex.com) for additional information and a demo.

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Will this contain accurate information regarding Gamergate?
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Happy to see this, thanks Dan.
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man i love it, this is soo good 
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Looking forward to this :thumbsup:
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Belated congratulations!
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Thank you!! :aww:
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