Eclipse Change Log: January 9, 2019

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By danlev
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Happy New Year, and welcome to 2019, deviants! We hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday, and we can’t wait to dive into this year’s updates and fixes!

Before we get into this week’s change log, we’d like to inform you of some major upcoming Eclipse-related updates, which will be highlighted and discussed in separate journals outside of the regular change logs. Some of these major updates include:

  • Custom boxes / customization

  • Feedback & Watch

  • Literature

  • Additional Profile personalization

These are fairly significant updates to DeviantArt Eclipse that we look forward to communicating and sharing with you all in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes open! Without further delay, here are this week’s changes and bug fixes:

Change Log

  • Embedding deviations and pasting thumb codes are back! Try pasting a deviation URL in a comment or a journal! (Popular request!)

  • You can now include a deviant’s avatar using the “Insert Emote” button. (Popular request!)

  • The top navigation bar now has a light theme!

  • You can now search for a specific artist’s deviations and other content by searching for “ @username

  • When adding a deviations to a comment or journal using gallery mode, the editor now shows the limit and number of deviations chosen.

  • Fixed issue where Feedback would not be sorted correctly after you reach the end of each “page” of results.

  • Deleting deviations, status updates, journals now properly reloads the page.

  • Artist hover cards now appear when on usernames, not just avatars.

  • When rolling over your own avatar, the hover card no longer says “Message” and “Watch”

  • Adjusted size of the artist hover card to be more compact

  • On donation pools, the number 0 would overlay on the word “Goal” when you initially add the section.

  • When hovering over default donation pool bar, it shows “NaN%”.

  • The donation pool’s meter displayed as full when they were empty (0/0).

Keep Sharing Your Feedback!


© 2019 - 2020 danlev
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Blaria95's avatar
Blaria95Hobbyist Writer

Sorry for sounding rude. I am just fed up.

Blaria95's avatar
Blaria95Hobbyist Writer

Yeah and there hasn't been any changes regarding literature. People still can't upload art into their literature. Why say this is improving when it clearly has not? This is not so hard a fix. There is no excuse.

EasyGerman4You's avatar

WONDERFUL picture.

Lymmle's avatar
LymmleHobbyist Digital Artist
Will you still be able to select a particular picture you would like to show on your page and type a description?
So far it's the only thing I'm worried about, since I put some work into finding the stamps and typing info in.
DoctorVadarWho's avatar
I would like to try Eclipse
Lymmle's avatar
LymmleHobbyist Digital Artist
On the top of the site is a switch button that says Eclipse next to it, you can click on that.

If you're on mobile, then I'm not sure. ^^;
DoctorVadarWho's avatar
I don't have it
Lymmle's avatar
LymmleHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh :/
TheDemonGirl84's avatar
TheDemonGirl84Hobbyist General Artist
How do I try out Eclipse? it's not under the 'More' Menu...
DC-26's avatar
It's great to see the improved literature thumbnail - having a text preview is very nice!
The huge single letter is still problematic.  Can that be optional in future?  I'm really looking forward to the future journal on literature.

Thanks for reading.
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
Azure-Dragon-SeiryuStudent Traditional Artist
You made changes on the donation pool which I disapprove.
ScalyFlower's avatar
ScalyFlowerStudent Digital Artist
They're not changes, they're bug fixes... The donation pool hasn't changed in Eclipse, it remains the same.
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
Azure-Dragon-SeiryuStudent Traditional Artist
I see
draconicjelly's avatar
if you're keeping custom boxes, please make sure to keep it the same structure so widgets that people pay a lot of money for can actually still be used!
rootblood's avatar
hopefully CSS stays too.
CaveGoblin's avatar
Where can we read about these larger updates that won’t be discussed in your change log?
ScalyFlower's avatar
ScalyFlowerStudent Digital Artist
They haven't been submitted yet, it's normal you can't. We'll get a hot notice like with every other log
B-X-X-L's avatar
B-X-X-LStudent Digital Artist
Thank god they keep custom boxes i was very worried they were going to remove it
but i i'm a little worried about the update tho Llama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3]  

thanks for the update : ) 
DC-26's avatar
I am looking forward to the literature updates!  Thanks sincerely for keeping this on the radar.  It will be lovely to see a list of plans in that future journal.

I just did a test submission in Eclipse to confirm that it still isn't possible to paste in formatting or edit literature deviations (have submitted bug reports).
Kirakira-Lunai's avatar
Kirakira-LunaiHobbyist General Artist
That's great news~! Look forward to seeing more.
MajorasMasks's avatar
MajorasMasksProfessional Artisan Crafter
To be honest I tried Eclipse a little but switched back to the old version soon since I don't like it at all. Especially the gallery becomes a mess, with sub-folders not working anymore. Please try to at least make something in-between the current DA and Eclipse.
Aslo, thumbs previews of literature deviations don't work at all anymore, same for status posts. Probably it's still in an early phase of development but the current Eclipse is a mess.
Uluri's avatar
Uluri Digital Artist
Thank you for the Updates Danlev, and the Eclipse team. 
LiliWrites's avatar
:clap: Looking forward to seeing the update journal for Literature, especially. 
Koinusumu's avatar
KoinusumuHobbyist Digital Artist
Yesss! This is going to be a good year!:la:
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