DeviantArt Mobile App Now Available
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The world's largest art gallery in your hand is now available on AndroidiOS 8, and Amazon Fire for free. Get it now!

The DeviantArt Mobile App moves the experience to hand-held devices exposing a full range of exciting, fresh, and culturally relevant content. Browse endless streams of content as well as communicate with and submit to the community 24/7 with the DeviantArt Mobile App.

The key features of the DeviantArt Mobile App include:

Today Page – every day, the editorial team will draw from and reflect back to the community a vibrant combination of news, features, curations and conversations.

What's Hot, Undiscovered, Daily Deviations and Explore – give you ways to liberate and inspire yourself with extraordinary images drawn from an art collection powered by over 32 million artists and curators on DeviantArt. Features like More Like This associate images through member-curated Collections to provide endless entertainment and inspiration as you travel through the app by browsing layers of similar art.

Status Updates – post short updates and in-phone camera images in a simple and direct format that lets you create informal conversations with your watchers. Status Updates allow you to share how you're feeling, what you're thinking, what you're working on, or to share the work of an artist you love.

Watch Feed – a personalized and easy to access feed of every Journal, Collection, or Status Update posted by people you watch.

Notifications – the communication center of the app where you manage all mentions, replies and other messages.

Submit – submit art and literature to DeviantArt or compose a Status Update to initiate rich visual conversations.

Our first-ever mobile app allows the largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts to connect through the creation and sharing of art. To make this happen, we didn't jump into mobile apps right away because we wanted to take ample time to understand and design the mobile experience for visual art in order to genuinely enhance discovery and conversation for our expanding community. We hope you enjoy the DeviantArt app!

Development of the DeviantArt Mobile App is ongoing. We’re excited to release updates every two weeks providing stability improvements and bug fixes. Learn more about what's to come!

Get it on Google Play      

(iOS 8 only, iOS 7 coming soon)

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DrWinterProfessional General Artist
How can I add or change the cover image at the top of the profile, like shown in the third image here?
HappyKy's avatar
We need llamas on mobile app
The llamas are everything 😢
princssdesigner's avatar
princssdesignerHobbyist Digital Artist
Deviantart app beta needs to update. I agree!
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abysspoptvProfessional General Artist
please, how can we transfer money into points in this app?
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The idea of deviantart finally getting its own mobile app is cool. Many artists of various expertise and niche nowadays use their phones to either create their art or to check and upload, so this would be extremely useful, and I would happily use as well....if only I was sure it would work well. I hear from many that this app sucks. Right here from the comments bellow, at App Store, and etc. Come on dA! Get your game up! Otherwise Amino's gonna take all your possible users. 
SonikkuFan94's avatar
SonikkuFan94Hobbyist Digital Artist
This app needs a lot of fine tuning as it's awful! It logs you out when you have no Internet, it needs to be backwards compatible to older Android versions... like most apps are, bring back instant messaging as that has now all of a sudden broken. 
I use DA daily, especially when I'm not on my computer and on my phone on the go and this service is abmissmal. I'm rather disappointed. 
briellemade's avatar
briellemadeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
This app has to be redesigned's just a mobile site at this time 😐. Please take this as a constructive feedback in order to improve social and collaborative interaction. The app is big step forward, but I hope the second step appv2 will be a trully mobile app. Regards.
matheusjose195's avatar
Please fix this issue i can't see the images on APP
matheusjose195's avatar
Again i can't login this app needs a update to remember username and password saved, give: Llamas, Cake, Points to others DA users, edit and delete deviations, join groups and that is all
Jim-News-Photos's avatar
Jim-News-PhotosHobbyist Photographer
sounds like I have the same issues mentioned below..... username and password is always typed in several times before it will take the password.  

And for some reason, it simply can't remember me.  I've had to 'log in' dozens of times for no real change.   It's not like I'm updating the OS or changing anything that would cause it to lose the password.   And when you've been required by all these various sites to have different formats, characters, aha/numeric, and your tongue held in the right spot before they accept a password, ... it's not like we can remember them all.   (I've now got 7 pages of passwords for my business and personal life.   It's in a document on my hard drive called "prostate exam"... so nobody will look at it. :) 

Also, touching a pic to see it full view rarely works.   9 times out of 10 it shows a different picture.

Other than that it has a lot of bright spots.   The notes work and the notifications seem to work. 

SOOOO....close to being good.
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AnaPaulaDBZStudent Digital Artist
My deviantart app is not working (again). Every time I try to login, it keeps saying that my username or password is incorrect even though I type them correctly. However when I login in the browser on in the PC, it works just fine. I even tried to change my password but it didn't fix the problem. Please :icondanlev: help to fix this problem as soon as possible because I use the deviantart app a lot
matheusjose195's avatar
DA app needs a update
AnaPaulaDBZ's avatar
AnaPaulaDBZStudent Digital Artist
Indeed, it needs
OverlordAyame's avatar
OverlordAyameHobbyist Digital Artist
I wished I could use the app in landscape on my ipad. Also the quality of my art drops when uploading it via the app, using the mobile site fixes the issue.
AnaPaulaDBZ's avatar
AnaPaulaDBZStudent Digital Artist
I'm having an issue with my deviantart app in my Android Cell phone. I enter my name and username  ut it keeps saying "failed to login" everytime. I've already tried reseting the internet, restarting my phone, unistalling and installing the app again but it doesn't work, every time I try to login it keeps saying "failed to login" and doesn't let me enter. Please how can I fix this issue? Is it a problem in the app? Please help me :icondanlev:
Angel-Spirit-OuO's avatar
Angel-Spirit-OuOHobbyist Digital Artist
the app has been logging me out of my account everytime I close it and it's getting annoying, also the mature content doesn't always appear even if I activated it so I can see it
Kainkout's avatar
KainkoutProfessional Digital Artist
It has stopped sending notifications for new notes and comments on my android phone. I can only see them if I open the app and check manualy, so I often answer new notes many hours after they've been sent.

I didn't changed anything on the phone and app's notification configs. It's all set correctly so I should be receiving them.
bluecrist's avatar
bluecristHobbyist Artist
sakuramelodysong's avatar
sakuramelodysongStudent Traditional Artist
I have a problem on iOS is that i cant view mature content
Can anyone please help me???
Jadenredcoat's avatar
JadenredcoatHobbyist Artist
Go to your setting and there is a mature content button switch it on, when you download the app it automatically turns it off.
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I personally love the app. I like the idea of having quick accessibility to my account and be able to upload artwork I have saved on my phone. I do have a few suggestions if you guys create an update for the app to make it easier and more accessible (in a way):

Firstly, I think there should be some way to access artworks in a group/ access a group's homepage without having to go to notifications. I find it troublesome to look through my notifications to find art in some of the groups I am currently watching, and it is kind of hard looking at more art in a group when I can't access it's homepage.

Secondly, I think there should be a way to access from within the app. I write most of my stories in Writer because it means it's all saved in one place which I know no one but me can access (unless I share the link with someone), but that makes it hard for me to be able to post any stories up on my da account, due to the fact that there is no way of accessing 

Thirdly (I saw this one in a different post), the notifications area should include more of the functions that the website version has, in this case, correspondence notifications. Adding this will make accepting/declining artwork in specific group collections a lot easier than having to pull out the browser version and accept/decline the request.

These are mostly all my personal opinions. You don't have to take my suggestion and add it in. I just wanted to put out my idea of helping you make the app better and easier to use. :) (Smile) 
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BlueRanger2Student Writer
I'm not getting any of my mail on the app.
Theobald93's avatar
Still no notification if someone replies to a comment which i made in a gallery folder. :(
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