Best of: Journey Fan Art
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Journey by V-nom
Journey is an award-winning PlayStation game known for its innovative gameplay and beautiful visuals. Developed by thatgamecompany (makers of Flow and Flower), the game is a popular subject for fan art on deviantART. Here are some stunning fan art tributes to the game.

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Journey by spydersTribute to Journey by Matou31Journey by JJcanvas
Ribbons by k-atrinaJourney - the drop by SpoonfishLeeJourney by KarboJourney by Zolaida

Journey by Malliya     Journey by Willow-San

Journey by AilovcJourney by Hinoe-0
Journey by V-nom
journey by joe-wright
Journey by LeoLeus

JOURNEY by Diamond4444     Journey by yoshdestroys

Journey by Shattered-Earth
Hollow Metropolis by almond-goddessA Long Journey by FrancoyovichJourney by Guzzardi
Harmonious in Journey by LillianLaiJourney by Isvoc
Journey by pacman23Journey by Nutfullinshared journey by corycatteJourney by Surkal

The Journey by Senturith

Journey by mmishee     Journey by Inkfall

Journey by temporarytime
Journey by xUshiwakax
Journey by Ruaniamh
Journey by Techta
Vartija by almond-goddessJourney by yocifMy Journey by OuneJourney by AlassaJourney by Spikings
Journey Sunset by Sawuinhaffjourney underwater by NellaFantasiaa
Journey by Siga4BDN

     Journey by moosmic

Journey by SiOtheCaveman

Journey by niuner     Journey by Marchio08

Journey by Sawuinhaff

Journey__Lets start the Journey by LuCiFelLo     journey: leap by pepaaminto

Journey by Cursors

Journey by Rodrigo-Sanches-A     Journey by JohannesVIII

Journey Craft by Elentori
Journey by chriswhite87
Journey: Sea of Sand by Risachantag

+ Endless Journey + by JialingPan          

[JOURNEY] Melon'scape by ochibrochi     (Journey) Gliding by cling17

     Journey again by Willow-San

Journey by ta-min     Journey by TheLeopardwerecat

JOURNEY by MartzaJourney by Evanatt

Journey by NellyOnly     Journey: The Road of Trials by Amdhuscias

Fanart: Journey by drawingum

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Am I missing any? Share your favorite Journey fan art in the comments!

Journey Tribute by Skytch

Skin by Dan Leveille
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This is a really nice Fan art collection.
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StoneByrdStudent General Artist
This is so awesome! I love Journey. 
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AndoradaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this! "Floating" while playing it makes it for a really nice Journey!FREE flying hearts Icon  Valentine's Day Heart FREE flying hearts Icon 
Great to see so many cool artworks inspired by this game!
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Thanks for such a great collections !
love this game so much.
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temporarytimeStudent General Artist
Thank you so much for the feature in this journal!
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chriswhite87 General Artist
Thanks for featuring my photo :)
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Matou31Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool art here! And thanks for the feature :)
Zolaida's avatar
Zolaida Digital Artist
thanks so much for the feature, and for introducing me to some lovely new artworks! :heart:
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joe-wright General Artist
Thanks for the feature! Sorry this is late, I'm very behind with my messages!
Sawuinhaff's avatar
SawuinhaffHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks very much for the feature! :D
Guzzardi's avatar
Thank you SO much for the feature! Much appreciated!
There's so much beautiful artwork here, what a pleasure to look through :la:
Rodrigo-Sanches-A's avatar
Rodrigo-Sanches-AProfessional General Artist
Thanks for featuring my art! Hug 
TheLeopardwerecat's avatar
TheLeopardwerecatHobbyist Digital Artist
Never in all my years did I think that my artwork would end up featured by one of the Staff ;a; and especially not a speedpaint!

Journey is a very special game for me, I think few other videogames have managed to touch me at such a deep emotional level. Thank you so much for the feature, it means a lot that you counted it along with all these other gorgeous artworks.
Evanatt's avatar
Evanatt Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature :). So many cool journey arts out there!.
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SurkalStudent Digital Artist
Appreciate the mention :-) (Smile) 
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Siga4BDN Digital Artist
Thank you for the mention! there are some real awesome pieces in here, Kudos to all the other artists too! :D 
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Willow-SanHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature !
There's so many beautiful artworks in this journal :love: It makes me wanna play Journey again <3
JohannesVIII's avatar
JohannesVIIIHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the feature! :dance:
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Nutfullin Digital Artist
Thank you for the feature. Good game amd good art.
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Thanks for featuring my art!
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NellyOnlyProfessional Traditional Artist
Wah, thank you so much for the feauture! <3
( I think mine's the only traditional piece in there ;D)
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KarboProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for the feature, it's an honor :D
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pacman23Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful collection.
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Don't stop believin'!  :music:  ;)

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