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DeviantArt is always looking at how we can better serve deviants. We’re aware Customer Service is an area that needs improvement, and we’d like to share some of the steps we've taken to grow and what we'll be doing going forward. As you may have already noticed, our FAQs are on a new Knowledge Base platform with improved search capabilities and streamlined presentation. But those aren’t the only changes.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.15.18 PM by danlev

Technology That Helps Us Help You

As deviants search for information in the Knowledge Base, we will be able to identify which answers help solve questions, while also being able to identify which answers need improvement or are missing.  This information will help us pinpoint issues so they can be addressed more quickly.

Rewritten and Improved FAQs

At the bottom of every article, you’ll find a “Did this answer your question?” button. Click “No” if you ever find an article that’s out-of-date or less-than-helpful. You’ll be prompted to log in so we can keep you up-to-date with the status of your Help Desk ticket if you decide to submit one.

aunjuli, MisfitsTamara, and LaurenKitsune reviewed and amended the FAQ answers to ensure they are clear and correct, but the process will continue as we refine our work.  We will continue to review and update the articles on a regular basis taking your feedback in consideration.

An added benefit is, if deviants have a question, it will be easier to find the articles in the extensive Knowledge Base that can answer it. This will cut down on unnecessary ticket submissions — where the solution is stated in an article — and improve our response times by freeing up our Support Team to deal with more pressing issues much faster.

Say Hello to Our New Customer Service Team Members!

Over the past year, our Customer Service team has been growing, including eight new additions:

Feel free to say hello or give them a friendly llama!

Thank You!

We will continue to improve the Knowledge Base platform with your help and feedback! Please give the new Knowledge Base a try next time you run into an issue and share your feedback on any article you encounter by using the buttons at the bottom of each article. Thank you!

Experimenting With Browse Modes

Wed Apr 18, 2018, 1:57 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

Today, we’ve made a change to the front page of DeviantArt, updating the default Browse mode from What’s Hot to Popular 24 Hours.  Any change to the front page is never made lightly, and we’ll be closely monitoring how the update impacts traffic to deviations.

In the future, we’ll be making additional updates to the front page — including more variety, providing representation to more unknown artists and genres, and highlighting the breadth and depth of all DeviantArt has to offer. We’ll be sharing more details about this in the coming months.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear about how you browse and what you think of the front page.

  1. How often do you visit the front page?

  2. How often do you browse vs. search?

  3. What sort mode do you use most often?

  4. What would be your ideal front page experience for DeviantArt?

Love this! Four popular DeviantArt stock photographers, SenshiStockjademacalla, Null-Entity, and PirateLotus-Stock, have come together to do a Kickstarter project to produce Creative Commons licensed, group pose references for art and illustration.

View on Kickstarter

Skin by Dan Leveille

DeviantArt’s Android app is now dropping support for devices running Android v4.4 or lower. This does not apply to the mobile version of the website accessed through your mobile browser.

Old versions of Android have security vulnerabilities that make it difficult for us to continue supporting. Disabling support for old versions of Android ensures the secure transfer of data from your device to DeviantArt’s servers.

DeviantArt is compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standards, and new policies require sites and applications to drop support for older, less secure encryption methods. It’s likely that many other apps and services will be dropping support for older versions of Android in the coming months as well.  Google itself has already dropped support for these devices because of security vulnerabilities.


Android v4.4 is nearly 5 years old.  As a result, this affects a smaller number of users on older devices that haven’t been upgraded to the latest operating system. If you’re on a device that supports Android 5 or above, we encourage you to upgrade.

If you’re using an affected device, you may run into issues viewing images or logging in. In the future — along with other major apps — you may no longer be able to download the DeviantArt app from an older device.

If you're unable to upgrade, we recommend creating a home screen shortcut to the browser version of DeviantArt.

[Redesign] Don't Throttle Me by vexilografia

Today, DeviantArt has joined hundreds of other sites across the Web to fight for net neutrality, but we need your help!

Net neutrality protects open and equal access to the Internet. Without it, Internet Service Providers — like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon (among others) — could begin to charge extra fees, engage in economic censorship, and control what we see and do on the Web by throttling sites, apps, and other online services.

Why is this important? On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to gut the protections for net neutrality.


  • Call or write your Congress person and demand that they stop the FCC from gutting net neutrality. Call and write to congress.
  • Share messages on all of your social accounts begging people to join the protest now. There is no time to waste.
  • (NOW OVER) Protest on December 7 at a Verizon store near you.

Learn more:

Phasing Out The Today Page

Thu Oct 12, 2017, 1:59 PM by danlev:icondanlev:
Street by arsenixc

This change has now been rolled out to all deviants and visitors.

Three years ago, we launched the Today page with the intention of creating a daily “newspaper” about art and community activity. While it served its purpose in some ways, it unfortunately didn’t get as much traction as we hoped, and we noticed a lot of deviants switched their default page to the browse pages.

Starting today, we’re beginning to phase out the Today page. Over the past months, we’ve moved some of the Today Page’s features, like Daily Deviations and polls, to the front page of the mobile site. In keeping with the original intention of the Today page, we've also made the default page "What's Hot" to showcase a cross-section of the day's trending deviations.

As we move forward, we plan on focusing on improving the front page of DeviantArt, making it easier to find fresh content, inspirational activities, and deviants that are relevant to your interests.

Keep an eye on hq for more updates!

DeviantArt Is Switching To HTTPS

Thu Aug 10, 2017, 10:57 AM by danlev:icondanlev:

Starting today, DeviantArt is completely switching over to HTTPS. You’ll notice that the URL in your browser bar will soon begin with “https” rather than “http.” This means our pages will be delivered over a secure, encrypted channel.

This change will be rolling out to all deviants over the coming days.

While DeviantArt had implemented HTTPS on sensitive pages -- such as our login and shopping cart pages — many years ago, it’s overdue that we extend HTTPS to the rest of the site.

Learn more about HTTPS

Some Notes for Developers of Journal Skins and Profile Customizations

If you develop your own Journal Skins, or any sort of profile customizations or browser extensions, please note that only HTTPS images will be served on DeviantArt. If you’ve uploaded your Journal Skins to DeviantArt’s Journal Skins category, you won’t need to make any changes.  If you have a custom Journal Skin that you’ve made on your own account (or any custom browser extensions) that includes images on an insecure site, those images will no longer be displayed. To fix this, you can upload your images to, or any other image hosting platform that offers HTTPS.

HTTPS has become a standard on the Web, and we’re happy to make our part of the Web a safer and more secure place.

Will Net Neutrality Survive?

Tue Jul 11, 2017, 9:00 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

The FCC Wants To Destroy It.

Battle For The Net - Tomations by falcont

Today, DeviantArt has joined hundreds of sites across the web to fight for net neutrality. July 12th is a coordinated day of grassroots efforts across the net to bring attention to the shadowy efforts of powerful cable and telecom industry forces to do away with net neutrality — a rule that protects open and equal access to the net for all publishers.

Without net neutrality rules that create an open and fair playing field for all users on the Internet, there will be economic censorship with the rich publishers paying Internet providers to be in the fast lanes with the rest of us throttled down.


The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies control over what we see and do online. If they get their way, they’ll allow widespread throttling, blocking, censorship, extra fees and discrimination in favor of the rich publishers who can afford to pay for the fast lane

The Internet has thrived precisely because of net neutrality. It's what makes it so vibrant and innovative—a place for creativity, free expression, and exchange of ideas with a level playing field for all kinds of content. Without net neutrality, the Internet will become more like Cable TV, where the content you see is what your provider gets paid to put in front of you by powerful corporate media interests.


  1. Send a letter to the FCC & Congress 

    It’s easy! BattleForTheNet has supplied a way to automatically reach the FCC and your representative in Congress. Use their messaging or write your own!

  2. Spread the word: Share a net neutrality deviation on social media and encourage your friends to join the protest at

  3. Get the word out by sharing your net neutrality art using the #BattleForTheNet tag. Make a statement with your art and send it to the FCC and Congress.

  4. Educate yourself and your friends: Watch some of the great videos on the BattleForTheNet site or review this podcast from Mozilla.

PRIDE by Rumiiya

Every year, June is celebrated as LGBTQ+ Pride Month across the globe. We asked the DeviantArt community to contribute artwork for one of the six colors of the Pride flag.

Over 10,000 artists contributed art. A few weeks later, we created a Profile Pride flag made with some of the art you contributed, and we featured others in our Pride video as well as on DeviantArt’s social media channels.

Flag by danlev

We ran Pride live streams with TsaoShin (watch recording), SirWendigo (watch recording), and Laovaan (watch recording). 

We’re completely overwhelmed and heart-warmed to share that over 110,000 flags have been added to deviants profiles across the site — and each day, thousands more are added.

Based on suggestions we’ve received, a button has been added to the Pride flag Profile widget that lets you easily browse all entries that were submitted, showcasing all of the Pride artwork for months to come.

While June has ended, our pride is not. The profile flag is here to stay, and you can still add it to your Profile by pressing the “Edit Profile” button and adding the Pride widget.