40 Amazing How To Train Your Dragon Fan Art Pieces
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Toothless nap by CosmicSpectrumm
Today marks the release date of How To Train Your Dragon 2. The sequel to the 2010 DreamWorks animation received very positive reviews: an 8.8/10 on IMDb and a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Enjoy some of the deviantART community's tribute to the film.

Curated by madizzlee, Shyree, and me.

HTTYD: Daunting Chase by tribute27Big mammy by Nalavara

Toothless nap by CosmicSpectrummDragon Fight by Edrice
HTTYD: Dragon's Dinner Party by TsaoShinwe have...dragons... by lehussHiccup and Toothless by HawkeyeWongAstrid: Not the Face by avatarmiraiAcross the sky by Sabaku-no-hana
Hiccup Cosplay How to train your dragon 2 by liui-aquino
HTTYD: Mistletoe by sharkie19How to make a smile by sorata-sNight Fury by Dmitrys
Toothless httyd by griffsnuff       Toothless by LukeFielding
HTTYD: The Final Showdown by AdoobibullTwin4HTTYD - Extremely Dangerous by Duiker

Power and Beauty by Red-IzaK      Toothless and Hiccup by lychi

Toothless by Ruth-TayNight Fury by moni158
How To Train Your Dragon by kanapy-artForbidden Friendship by Charlie-BowaterToothless - Freedom by morganagodHow to Train Your Dragon by FlayuHow to train your Dragon by Mar-kaToothless and Hiccup by boo-11
How to train your Dragon by Culpeo-Fox

WAZAAAAAAAAA by ZantenHow To Train Your Dragon by sorata-s
Astrid - How to Train your Dragon by MoshYongHow To Train Your Dragon by pinaliHow to Train Your Dragon! by Life-Writerhow to train your dragon by mohja
A Very HTTYD Halloween by TsaoShinHow to train your dragon by ryky
Stitch and Toothless by TsaoShin HTTYD - Fishing Lessons by AmandaTurnage

Skin by Dan Leveille
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MizMeowzNew Deviant

OMG!! Toothless! i know im late, but i love him just the same

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BronyNo786Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some of these are in my DA "Dragons" favorites folder. Long live this amazing film and its sequels.
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Holy moly. These pictures are so lovely.
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MLP-Violet-StarStudent Writer
My favourite is Stitch and Toothless wearing onesies of each other! :squee: 
TheDragonTrainer661's avatar
Wow, these are beautiful!!!! I especially love the first one. The last one is amazing as well! 

These are just so cool, I wish I could draw like that!!! :happybounce: 
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SilverMutttHobbyist Digital Artist
The furies fury by SilverLi0n1
Do you like this? :la:
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kitty-moiHobbyist Filmographer
wow... omg that was soo cool :DD i luv tothless<3 my fave dragon cuz he actually reminds me my neighbour's  cat :D black and green eyes XD i have a white cat with green eyes too :P :P 
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CynderBlackDragonStudent Artist
tothless is my fave dragon and many more
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EpicMusicSoulStudent Artisan Crafter
Woah... they look amazing. I'm impressed.

Would you kindly read my review of the movie? :)

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The art is beautiful!!
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Coolest dragon ever!<3
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hannahelizabethhStudent General Artist
love these! Heart La Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 
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THESE ARE SO COOL! Man I love this dragon!!
MimiHayameYokai-Chan's avatar
OMG this is sooo brilliant!!!! 
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Ruth-TayProfessional Filmographer
Yay thanks for featuring one of my works :)
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LongWayToGoProHobbyist General Artist
I'm a man , but whenever I see Toothless i become a teen girl *_*! So cute 
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RockLouHobbyist General Artist
Tranny! :shakefist:
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LongWayToGoProHobbyist General Artist
a sexy one 
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MerulaGFMProfessional General Artist
:love: :love: :love: :heart:
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they r awesome i love em!
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Jime-From-SilentTownStudent Filmographer
What an amazing collection, congratulations to the artists for the great work and huge talent!
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Kittykat047Student Digital Artist
Love it :)
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