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Daily Deviations - May 2020

Daily Deviations - May 2020

My Daily Deviation selections for May 2020! Did you have a favourite? Did any introduce you to a new artist that you're now watching? Let me know in the comments!

Pride Month on DeviantArt!

Pride Month on DeviantArt!

June is recognized as LGBTQ+ Pride Month around the world, a celebration of personal identity, acceptance, and love. Join us for a month of education about and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community! The importance of Pride is hard to overstate. Pride provides community and a way for LGBTQ+ people to come together and celebrate who they are in places and ways that empower. From those who are learning about themselves to those who have been out and proud for years, Pride is a chance to embrace love and personal expression, and is an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ history and culture. On DeviantArt, we’re celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with new art and new Pride-themed journals! We’ve commissioned six LGBTQ+ artists to create new works that you can use as cover images for your Profile, and they’ll be revealed each week, starting with this work by @Pepperoonie: Weekly journals will also be posted to @team to cover some basics of LGBTQ+ history, culture, information, and resources



The last camp fire




Mad Artist 2




Moriz portrait



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Hello! :D


Yesterday I posted a status update asking for feedback from ARPG group admins. I was planning on talking to a handful of people individually, but the response has been overwhelming! Thank you! To make it easier, and so others deviants can reply and
Looking to chat with some deviants who run ARPG Groups on DeviantArt. If you or anyone you know might be interested in sharing your thoughts about running ARPG Groups, please let me know! :)

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Flemen-The-Pemen-2Hobbyist Writer

Will there be a journal released soon that will tell us when we can expect certain features to be added?

I'm asking this on behalf of friends and other people: There seems to be a problem for non core-members with commission widgets. Basically if anyone (regardless of whether they are a core-member or not) tries to order from a non core-member's widget there is an error. If a non core-member tries to order from someone there is an error. It seems like only core-members can order from each other. Is this meant to be this way or is it some sort of bug?

As you can see I am core-member. I'm just asking on behalf of non core-members

Asking for a friend but do you still need Core to make subfolders in Eclipse?

What is this danlev, my account is broken!? What happened?


I'm not sure. I'd contact the support team about this issue: https://contact.deviantartsupport.com/en

Seriously? I've reported it numerous times. What have you done in this 15 days since sunsetting?? Thanks for not helping me.

petrzajczekNew Deviant

Were you looting??!!