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Yoda portrait tattoo

This took about five hours to complete today. I used UV reactive ink in the light saber, eyes and nails. It was fun but I will probably give the UV stuff a second pass to intensify it.
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That looks so cool!!!!
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Oh wow! very striking
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You have inked me well, yes?

So cool how well this came out...I keep staring...
So Awesome.Boss.
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that is epic, very cool use of the UV ink too :)
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Thank you. I don't use it very often but this seemed to be appropriate use of UV reactive ink.
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yeah, most work I've seen with the UV ink has been superfluous, in a just to use it kind of way, but this actually makes sense with the lightsaber and all :)
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Awesome Tattoo.

Does the UV ink wear out quicker than normal ink or does it last just as long?
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Pretty similar from what I have seen. The novelty of going to places that use black light wears out LONG before the tattoo does ;)
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So awesome!! Love the UV effects :love:
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Thanks. I don't use it often but there are certain pieces that I think it helps out with.
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the force is strong with this piece! :yoda:
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hey im curious about the uv reactive ink!
1) does it hurt any more
2)does it cost more
3)does it take longer to set
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aboot how much more?
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Every artist has their own price rates. You would want to discuss that more with the person who will be doing your work. Typically it is the price of the piece plus a little extra for the amount of area and detail covered with the UV reactive ink.
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That looks soo epic!! :D
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Thanks....there is a video of this being done in one of my journals...just go thru them and you will see it in the title.
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