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[Ben 10] Omnitrix Animation Test 2

Trying some stuff. I love the Omnitrix. Especially the original one.
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Awsome animation! I use this as an animated background for my watch. Its epic : )
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Sweat animation, hey I have designed some omnitrix silhouettes that look really similar to the show, if you could tell me how you did that animation that would be awesome!!!!
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Thanks! Anyway for how i did the thing:
The silhouettes i used were made using official art of the original aliens, i just modified them on photoshop making them completely black pictures. Then i made the dial animation (which was i think around 6 or 8 frames for one dial turn) and applied the different silhouettes everytime. The final .psd project has something like at least 100 frames. Then i used gimp to convert all the frames into a gif.
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Cool, I might make my own, with the of the dial turning credit going to you of course
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Of course, don't worry. I can't take credit for the omnitrix in general anyway since it's property of cartoon network.
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