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Lucas Pinball TF

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Lucas was heading to the carnival and saw a cannon ball ride, he wanted in, and then they first told him to go in to this weird contraption, it squished and squashed him, his arms became numb, his head fell down, his legs started to go stiff, his feet squashed into flattened discs, his hair turned solid and he was squashed into a small ball! the cannon is firing!
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Okay. I'd like to think of myself as a fair critic. I deal with fetish art all the time.

But this is literally the worst fucking thing ever. On deviantart. No redeemable quality.
Don't. Draw on the wii, and put it here. It's fucking stupid. /Really/ fucking stupid.
I don't actually know how to critique this except for say it's all horrible.
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who should i pinballify next?