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By dankatcher
Hello Deviants,
WOW another DD! Awesome! I am a bit surprised being as the Mcfarlane Dragon was done about 5 years Ago, but whatever, I am honored. It's great timing for me as I am releasing my own line of dragon statues through ARH studios.  I am sculpting/ designing  the Dragons  in the computer now instead of using traditional methods as in the past. I feel the end result will look better than what can  be accomplished using castelene. Please check it out in my gallery for pics of this piece. Also If you get the chance check out the   There you can get more info  about the sale of the dragon as well as checking out other works currently in production. please follow the link here…

  The angel of Death production info and wips can be found here…
  please drop some comments on the forum. Arahom the president of ARH and I would love to hear any comments, crits, and suggestions. I am totally open to requests, so if there is anything you desire but has not been made yet please let me know.
Thanks Again for the DD! and keep watching.  The best is yet to come,
Best Wishes,
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Yeah Real clay sculpts are better looking in the long run. the problem is that they take too long for one thing. I would have had to hire another guy to help me do all the finishing work on the angel i fit were real. Shit that thing would have taken over a month to sculpt. I would have lost my shirt on it. Yeah the hulk looks cool but there is very little opportunity to make practical effects these days. Like it or not the computer is here to stay. But being a good traditional sculptor is still sought after. Lets just say I feel both are good.
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this 3d model remind me a lot with skeletor, it sick man... i wish that you stay with traditional instead of 3d .... i think the traditional sculpture is much more alive than 3d model
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Absolutely amazing pieces! Though I don't know what to think about 3D printing. I prefer actual sculpting in clay to digital. I hope digital doesn't take over. Mc Farlane screwed over his people by going all digital and too many good artists lost jobs. So I'm kind of anti digital printing because of that. But Still your work is amazing.
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HI Raptor Arts,
For years I fought against digital sculpting. Back when I was at Mcfarlane I was constantly told by management that I will be replaced by a computer. They said that why should I sculpt figures when you can scan people and use the scans to make figures. At the time I had absolutely no computer skills and quite frankly the technology could not compete with what I could do by hand, that has changed since Zbrush came out with version 3. I still laugh at scans but found that I could do more with zbrush 3 than I can with clay and twice as fast. Zbrush is an easy program to master for the traditional artist. it used to be that digital artists had to be techno geeks, Now I see better work coming from people like myself with a traditional background that made the switch. I still like the look of traditional works but fort me I love that I don't have to spend countless hours polishing castelene. I am free to change things, Scale proportion are now fixes that can be made super fast. If you can, Learn it! If I can do it anyone can.
Your work is fantastic! :)

When you say that you favor a computer-assisted sculpting method today: What is the workflow for production towards the real product, e.g. which kind molds are made and what is involved in the casting process?

As you can see - I'm totally clueless. ;)

Maybe you have a few lines or a link for me or so that I can learn something. :D
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Molding and casting are not my thing but I will say that keying your figures is important for production. I split up my figures in the computer and then the parts get molded seperatly.
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