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Hi All,
Thanks Again for all the support I have received from everyone at DA. It's been about a year since I have updated my website and deviant account but herer is what I've been up to !. As of September 2010 I have been with Pixomondo Visual Effects. I started as a pre-vis modeler where I worked on the end sequence for Super8 and Journey to the Center of the Earth2. I was so happy to finally be working in film and pre_vis was a good way to get experience  on how a production environment works.  I suppose they were impressed enough with my work that John Perenteau ( The Head Honcho at pixomondo, and maybe the most awesome person I have ever worked for) Asked me If I wanted to get involved in a television show with Dinosaurs called Terra Nova. My reply" What are you f$@#ing  serious!, Hell Yeah!!! I have been studying dinosaurs since I was a child.  Neville Page had done  the concept sculpts for the Carnataurus, Brach , and the slasher and I went over the pieces and detailed the crap out of them. I takes a while to get a sculpt ready for animation. Kevin Blank ( VFX Supervisor on Terra Nova) Loved the work I did enough that I was allowed to design the Dnos for the rest of the show and be The Senior Modeler supervisor at Pxomondo. I also got to work on the opening sequence for The Green Lantern and small bit on Hugo. Also bee on the lookout for season 2 of Game of Thrones ( I did something for that but its still top secret!) . All in All What a year its been. I got to work with my idol and now friend Jack Horner ( the worlds preeminent Paleontologist) and lived out a fantasy I've had my whole life.

Sorry to all who have been inquiring about statues and stuff but I am not making collectibles right now. Maybe I'll do it again but film is my real passion.

In the next few weeks I hope to post up some of my film projects, I ll talk more after I post pics (If anyone really cares)

Till Then Happy New Year!
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Wow what accomplishments! And Super 8 was a awesome piece of work all the way around, a professor at my school also had some visual effect for smoke in there, its badass to see some work of the hands and minds behind the film. May the Force be with you yo!
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Congrats!!!! You derserved it!
I have a question: do you use common clay or polymer clay?
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Congratulations and here's to a fantastic 2012!
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Many many many congrtas!
Its so nice to tell my friends That I follow That one guy worked on Green Lantern, Terra Nova, Super8 and etc ...
I hope know you some day. Friendly and professionally

See ya!
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Right on!!Good for you Dan!!That is so cool!!
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Congrats!! Good to know your still alive and many blessing in your new work life!! Livin' the dream, just don't go to "Hollywood" and forget your DA friends. :D
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Thats awesome to live out Ur dream. Hope we all will b that blessed in the new year. Take care man, and keep on livin the dream!!
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heck yeah man!..gratz.
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