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dragon printed

By dankatcher
Here are pics of the dragon after its been printed, More to come. Don't forget to check out [link] for more info
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Really amazing!
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no comment awesome
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so amazing, mate! congratulations for this awesome work!
Printed, awesome, what kind of service does it take to produce this level of detail?
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How do you get these printed? I would love to take a crack at this kind of process...beautiful work man!
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This looks great
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I've already commented on this but god that's beautiful 3d work and 3d printing.
Hey. What material do you use for these sculptures?

João Paulo.
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this is insane man
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this is so effing beautiful. who did the printing for you?????
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Looks like a very good quality print - one piece or broken up into several?

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how do you 'print' it? isn't this a sculpture?
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Technology is a wonderful thing. We have 3d printers that can turn a zbrush sculpt into an actual object.
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that's cool!
what kind of printer/process is it called?
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I believe it's called rapid prototyping, but printing of small scale models like this dragon is often referred to as just 3D printing :)
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ooh! cool! thanks!
I hope we have that kind of printer in out country ^^
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Wow, veins in its neck!!! he looks too real, what kind of material do you use for your models?
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its a print from a digital file I made the dragon using Zbrush and Maya
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beautiful work - love the veins
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So cool - I which I could get some of my sculpts printed. Impressive reproduction of detail.
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OMFG!! I've NEVER seen a 3d print before!! I know what they are, and we have one at our school but I've never seen anyone actually have their stuff printed! It looks GORGEOUS!!! :D How much did it cost to print, if you don't mind me asking?
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Amazing detail, getting the variation and flow of the scales is my next callenge.
I've just spent the last 6 months at sculpture class making this [link]
Wish I could stay awake in a 3d app these days might make some things easier.
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Very very very NICE!
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