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Zbrush troll

By dankatcher
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This is a Troll I made Using Zbrush and Maya. I am still learning all the technical stuff involved in making digital figures but I hope that some of my traditional skill have shown through.
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Some really great work.  not just this one but it would look weird if I left this message on all the stuff you'd uploaded.
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I'm sorry, I'm new here. Do you have a website or a store somewhere? Or is it possible to purchase your statues here?
On a side note, I'm food friends with Randy Bowen and have been helping him at his warehouse recently. So I've been inundated with statues and I never get tired of looking at amazing work. Just like yours. Damn...
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really good one man!
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Came out great! nice!
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This is really high quality work. Great detail buddy. Lookin forward to more of your work. My only critique is that the axe blade is covering a lot of is right arm. It makes for a rough silhouette. for composition I think it would add if you made the halberd or axe longer so the the blade is past his arm. Awesome work.
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Just browsing trolls, yours is good. I Fav'd it.
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That is a great work! Congrats

Check out our artists Supercompetition
You can win a Cintiq 13HD (we just introduced this new prize because we are missing quality stuff like yours)

Also our next contest is to find a boardgame script that would use one of the competing characters.

Tell all your fellow artists about it :) 
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Amazing! Ever thought of printing it?
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Hey :)

I am going to learn about Zbrush to and make some master pieces like you to, hopefully.
Though having one question, there are different software tools to make poses to youre creation.

Did you created the pose inside ZBrush, or did you pose it after with let's say Movie Maker / daz studio? :)
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He got an arrow to the knee...
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It might be a little mistake in the right leg position but the entire character looks amazing
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Looks good!!
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wow!! Fantastic!
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Good looking chap
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great work, looks amazing
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This is awesome......have you ever done any outputs from your digital creations?

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This is super awesome. I'm a traditional sculptor but I am just about to start digital with Zbrush. Just busy getting kitted up. So excited to start!
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