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Zbrush Dragon.

By dankatcher
This is A screen cap of a dragon statue I am making with ARH studios. It's My own Interpretation of the Ye Drag Gogch. The National symbol of whales. It' been printed and will be available for sale through ARH studios. Check out the production schedule at [link] Thanks for looking and keep rocking all,
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This is yet another sick masterpiece from you, do you mind fully colouring it? If you've already done it and i've missed it, that is probably due to my laziness, sorry. Well done and nice contribution to DA! Have a nice day!
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details - exellent)
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I was hoping to say something intelligent but there are no words to describe the awesomeness!
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Amazing. This skill-level is what Im hoping to get to in time.
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great details on every things man,how many polygon used in final sculpt?
so real....Oo
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You did a BEAUTIFUL job on this Dragon! I love this guy, right on!
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Wow. Awesome; this is more of what I expect to pop out of zbrush- I absolutely enjoy the shot you took from the backside, can't wait to see more of your work.

Also, do you make most of your work as large as the Flying Monkey?
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AWSOME! did you do this from start to finish in zbrush? great work my man wow! you're going into my friends list .
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very good. GREAT!
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Interesting anatomical interpretation, very cool.

There is an incredible amount of detail in the scales, do you have a brush for the whole scale or do you have to retouch each one after creating the basic shape?
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I make alpha for the scales but I do work em all after they are laid in
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Absolutely amazing!!!
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National symbol of Whales!! LOL You'll get a few comments about that boyo, but great work all the same.
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LOL! It used to be on the flag I think? MAybe I'm wrong? but thanks I may change its title then.
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erm, I think he was refering to the spelling of "Wales" the place rather than "whales" the large aquatic mammals ;)

superb gallery though, just amazing work :D
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Nice! I like it a lot
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Terrific attention to detail - from the scale pattern changes to the rock it's standing on. You continue to impress, sir. :-)
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Thank you Ajah, I do my best.
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