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The Hulk - Revised 5-25-2008

By dankatcher
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Hello All,
Thanks again for the incredible support I have received from everyone here at DA.

This is the clay sculpt in a finished state. Some things will still be addressed in the casting but he is now ready to be molded.

I will be making this into a kit, thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response, more info on that coming very soon.


Thanks again for all your interest in my work and I will get this thing out to those who want it ASAP.

Till then... Best Wishes,

Sculpted in Roma Plastaline, roughly 17 inches tall from the top of the head to the bottom of the base.
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Absolutely Awesome work
PYRASMUS's avatar
Thi-this is real? WOAH! 10/10
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Hello Dan 

Just wanted to say this is amazing work. And was wondering if this was available for purchase? Love your work
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I remember the drama over getting this thing cast and mass produced because I was one of those hoping to buy it. Best Hulk sculpture I have ever seen. Would love to have this displayed in my classroom to show the kids what is possible when they put their heart into something.

Thank you for making this and sharing it here.
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Amazing work!!
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Stunning! Hey do you sale or freelance any pieces?? Please let me know!
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Dude please tell me still can get this?
Is this kit still available for purchase?
<font><font>Apariencia 100% real</font></font>
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he is so well built, stunning
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Absolutely amazing. :0
Where can I purchase this epic hulk online?
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Great expression on the face! Beautiful work Dan!
jamesplasencia's avatar
amazing work your take on the hulk has inspired to try and sculpt my own version thanks!
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You make copies? To sell i mean?
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I hate it when it comes to the Hulk and people always complain "Well the Hulk look fake-WELL THAT'S BECAUSE HE IS FAKE, DAMMIT!! I MEAN IT'S A C.G. EFFECT. At what point can you do to make him look real-It's a 9ft, green man!
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Wow!! Very good!!
MatthewCooper's avatar
With all do respect...I never really appreciated sculptors until now. This is unbelieve able.
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