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Monkey and me

By dankatcher
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This is a shot of me working on a Flying monkey sculpture I did for gentle giant a while back. It's was a fun project mainly because I got to design it in sculpt and its not often I get to make something that is so large.
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incredible work dankatcher
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fantastic in every sense! 
Nice size - Great job chap!
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This is what I want in front of my store, This thing is freaking awesome, btw my shop is the flying monkey toy emporium

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wow, would love to see it in a more fantasy-like background like forest or so!
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That thing could not fly !! :/  ..but props for the sculpture :)
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Hi :) I used this stock for a fan-made movie poster that I did.

Thank you so much :)
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Beautiful pose! Nice work Dan!

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This is AMAZING; I love the details of the face, body, hands, everything about it. Tell me, what kind of clay is this and where would I be able to find this kind of clay?
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wow how cool! I know what you mean not getting to do things very large. ID love to do a really large piece. I have a few in my head that want to come out but my studio space is just to small to do one in. sigh someday though! and lucky you!  your very talented!
I did get to do a few really big pieces one time, when I worked for a place in Scottsdale. It was all on commission though and I worked for maybe 6 months at their building which was warehouse sized and all the molding and casting and painting was all done right there. 
My favorite I did for them was a 5x5 foot bas relief of a couple greek type horses with part of one rider showing them aging it so it looked like it could have come off the parthenon. Then a lying down lion in the  Art deco style of the one in front of the MGM in vegas and some other animals in that style too. was fun because I worked in wet clay, the kind potters use and in a style I don't usually get to do ( I usually stick with realism) . I was really surprised how fast I could work and how much detail it would hold. Was a blast while it lasted though! I'd love to be able to do something this detailed though. Your a lucky guy! isn't it great getting to do what we love though? I consider myself very lucky to have a passion And to get to spend all day doing it! I can't imagine the life of people who say they get bored! That has to be a sad existence. God there not enough hours in the day for me!
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you have a god given talent!!
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I love the flying Monkeys
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Hunky funky monkey, thats rough really would love to know more about the process you used to build this.
particularly the wings.
really enjoyed seein your work in your gallery.
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The made the flying monkeys into baboons for the new Oz movie with James Franco.
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Actually looks menacing compared to the ones in the film.
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really impressive!
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You are really goood at this you shold be prode of your self :D
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Wow this is so awesome fave
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