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McFarlane Toys Roughs 01
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Some clay roughs for McFarlane Toy's.

The first is a clay rough for Redeemer and wasnt produced.

The second is a clay rough for Spawn Series 29: Thamuz.

Sculpted in Castiline, roughly 12-13 inches tall.
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Comments (37)
the-real-shame's avatar
You do stunning work. These are amazing.
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PRIMIT's avatar
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FranzBastianIII's avatar
FranzBastianIII|Hobbyist General Artist
I happen to like this Redeemer more than the one chosen.
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WalterSoprano's avatar
do you teach workshops ?, please let me know . thanks
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crash1973's avatar
crash1973|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is what I call art being put to good use.:} beautiful craftsmanship.
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sharpasaneedle's avatar
Hey, big fan here. =)

Can I ask where those leg anatomy pages posted in the wall are from?

Your response is highly appreciated.
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ellioJUGGERNAUT's avatar
ellioJUGGERNAUT|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thamuz is amazing! love the final product
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Zurlo's avatar
YOU HAVE TO DO A TUTORIAL!! hehe if you want!
These are GREAT!
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MalachiDesigns's avatar
wow i love the reference images in the back with legs :)
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kuroiookami's avatar
kuroiookami|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing, yet again. looove the wings.
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Giovanageronutti's avatar
omg u is the best man
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Freebird2005's avatar
Freebird2005|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing makes you feel at home quite like demon genitals. haha, these look fantastic, and the nudity is truly perfect.
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nuerk's avatar
Very, very nice Reedemer ;]
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kraynel's avatar
kraynel|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The redeemer looks awesome! It should've been included in the series.. :o anyway, did you sculpt spawn too?
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KreepingSpawn's avatar
KreepingSpawn|Professional Digital Artist
damn you i want that Redeemer so bad now... ;p
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AmedaN's avatar
AmedaN|Professional Interface Designer
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Arivaldo's avatar
You F@#$ing ROCK

My gallery: [link]
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PatBoutin's avatar
You are a very talented artist...

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XsuRgeX's avatar
Wish my body was ike that! Rawr!
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defected-angel's avatar
defected-angel|Professional Traditional Artist
redemer is a kick ass
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Cok3ster's avatar
Cok3ster|Professional Filmographer
Had no idea most of my Mcfarlane Toys sitting on my shelf were sculpted by you dude! really great to see you posting here on deviantart :)
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Listoric's avatar
Listoric|Professional Digital Artist
Wow, i just love the first one.
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Balambao's avatar
Balambao|Professional Digital Artist
I would have totaly baught Redeemer. Those wings are amazing.
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