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Main event!

Commissions are Currently: OPEN

Prices can change depending on complexity of commission asked
Very capable of changing my style to suit your needs!

Commissions go towards art supplies, future rent, and food(for me and my pets)
Add background+50%
Full color: additional Characters+$10 each
Lineart and sketches: additional Characters+$5 each
Shipping NOT included in price
Preferred Payment is money order. But I also accept paypal :)

Please be very specific



Tail Wag Icons: $10…

Custom Animated Icons/Simple Animations: $15-25…

Minis: $10
No example yet

Lineart: $15……

Character portraits: $20
No example yet

Full detail with color: $55+……


Mini sculptures (6" or less): $45+ (depending on detail)…

Large Sculpture (6" or more): $70+ (depending on detail)
OLD example:…

Charms for $25+:
Old example:…

Ref Sheets

Painted:$45 for one pose/face shot/eye +$5per extra detail…

Digital:$40 for one pose/face shot/eye +$5per extra detail…

Markers:$25 for one pose/face shot/eye +$5per extra detail…

Specialty Items


Rings: Not for sale yet

Charm necklaces Normal heads:$45 Headsortails head:$25…

Pendant necklaces (I will draw you a custom picture of yer character which will be sent with the necklace) Rectangles:$50 Squares:$30……


Custom full sized: $150+
Plushies take me a looong time and use lots of mind power to do. But if you are willing to pay the price, I will make one for you.

Edited plushies: $30+
You send me a beanie baby/plush that you want changed into your character. And I weel do eet…

Don't see something that's you've seen me make but want? Note me!


Nother buddie who deserves more attention. New to DA <3
Taking up Ad Space by goodgodgreg Fire in the Streets by goodgodgreg Ghost in my bathroom by goodgodgreg

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do you make conbadges?
danji-isthmus's avatar
I make all sorts of badges X3 Some of them are specialty

I do keychain badges:

Messy Murder is one of my specialties:
[link] (blood warning)

Or just normal in any media:

If yer interested in any of them drop me a note and I'll give yew prices X3
PieCreature's avatar
maybe I can get one SOON thennn
danji-isthmus's avatar
awesome sauce! 8D
Dances-of-Shadows's avatar
I have a couple of things I'd like! XD. Let me go back through the list and I'll note you! XD
danji-isthmus's avatar
Oh wow on top of the painting you are already buying? -lovez on you-

I'm excited to work with you X3
Dances-of-Shadows's avatar
XD I love your work! I think I might order 2 or three things on top of the painting I'm getting.

- A colored digital
- A character Portrait
- A Mini painting

Also, with these do you get the original piece or do you just post what you worked on? And for the digital painting, do you receive the sketch/line work and a printout copy of the color or what? I know it's different with different artists so I'm just making sure! :D

Also, if you do ship them out, I'll wait for you to finish them so you can ship them all at the same time to make it easier for you if you'd like?



~DOS :heart:
danji-isthmus's avatar
what I do is I actually charge a $10 fee on top of the commission if you want it mailed out because if I keep it I can use it for portfolio work/examples for other clients. But since you are buying so much I'll knock that off and you just have to pay for shipping XD If you want a printout of the digital piece I'll do that for free too <3

And shipping them all at the same time would make it cheaper for ya so that is just fine ^^

Send me a note with the details of what you want. Especially the digital. I'll do a sketch of the before you have to pay =3
varpunen-laulaa's avatar
Oh wow, I see a few things I might like *_*

I think I wanna commission you for a character portrait... and a chibi O= are your prices in CAD or USD?
danji-isthmus's avatar
USD =3 <333 Thank youuu Can't wait to work for ya ^^
varpunen-laulaa's avatar
Well I have to go now so I don't have time for refsheets/descriptions, but if I have time before work when I get back I can give you the details then, or else it'll be tomorrow... either way you've a commission coming soon :3
danji-isthmus's avatar
Alrighty <333 THank you! Send me refs and stuff in a note that way I have a way to remember where it is ^^
HellxAbovexHeaven's avatar
I wish I could commision you D:
I'd totally go for art or a sculpture<3
danji-isthmus's avatar
I wish you could too D8

But that's ok XD :hug: Thanks for the interest =3
HellxAbovexHeaven's avatar
I'm really sorry ><
It's just my parent don't let me buy anything on the net that's why I sometimes ask people if I have the change to send me something but until now nobody wanted or could =[

No problem you make awesome stuff!^^
danji-isthmus's avatar
Oh that's fine XD :hug:
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