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This is my long awaited half of part of an art trade with the amazing Ehrendi, of her absolutely stunning purple boy, Apollyon! :love:
(I love this guy...)

The whole rendition of the piece was actually really easy to come together but in the end it's taken me so long to get the details right that I can only hope now that I'm forgiven for missing out his jewellery, since I thought it would have been a bit too much for one little portrait. But nevertheless, I am really happy with this, one of the best portraits I think I've done! :meow:

I hope you like it, Ehrendi! :heart: :heart:


character design XIII by perfectperfection

Stock Used:
NOKINIEThat neck though
PerfectionStockbrecon beacons
harpyjaIn Flight III

Other art of Apollyon:
Ehrendi Chibi Commission 2 by Tobi-Terror   UP UP by hearttosoul
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Wow! Awesome drawing Aww 
Bleskobleska-Yandere's avatar
Wow, this is pure epicness *-*
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NikkaylaProfessional General Artist
This is so gorgeous! He looks fantastic, and the colour change you did is so good. He looks so pretty and purple and shiny! Lovely work there :D:D <333 (ilovepurple)
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Coming from the likes of yourself when you're able to use colour to such a beautiful extent that means such a lot! Thank you so so so much! :love:
I must admit I'm a bit of a sucker for purple too, especially these deep purples ;D
:heart: :heart: :heart:
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NikkaylaProfessional General Artist
Ah you're most welcome! Colour is such a fun thing to explore, and I need to give you more love than I do (i'm a terrible procrastinator omg)
<3 But yeessss... purples are the best!
You're very welcome lovely! :D:D
DanjahMouse's avatar
I love being able to use colour though I do have to admit I'm currently being tested by a very vibrant blue horse, if you have any tips since I consider you to be the unnatural colouring QUEEN I would love that haha ;D 
Awww I'd put all this love in a huge jar, label it and love it forever! :love: :love:
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NikkaylaProfessional General Artist
<3 I'm just trying to think over it... when it comes to doing vibrant blues, I tend to use the lasso tool to select the parts that will be darker and feather it by like 100, darken it and use the Color Balance tool rather than anything else - its really good for getting the exact kind of vibrancy you're after - but yeah its all down to the Colour Balance tool for me, sometimes a combination of that and Hue/Saturation to nail the kind of blue; sometimes its slightly de-saturated, sometimes not... and when I'm doing my paint over, I can make it a little brighter too. But yeah, its mainly down to the lasso tool + feathering for setting the colour balance on certain areas of the character + their brightness/contrast in those, and then finally I do an overall one.

I hope that is some kind of help I'm so bad at explaining things D: <333
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ValkoiraStudent Digital Artist
Aaah so amazing, I love how you handle that kind of colors and the blending of the wing is just right :heart:
DanjahMouse's avatar
That means such a lot youuuu, thank you so so much for this! I can't wait to try out these sorts of colours again when it comes to it :')
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SummerTime-DesignsHobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely stunning 😍😍
DanjahMouse's avatar
Thank you so much! :love:
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EhrendiHobbyist General Artist
Ohh ohh this is stunning. Oh my goodness Apollyon looks absolutely handsome! Woweee just wowwww. Thank you so much Danjah he looks absolutely amazing ;u; :tighthug: :heart: :love:
DanjahMouse's avatar
EEEEK I am so happy you like him! I've had such a lot of fun with this when it comes to the colouring and he is beyond beautiful, I could make art of this pretty boy all day :love:
You're absolutely so so welcome, and thank you so much for our art trade! :la: I'd love to do it again :heart: :heart:
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LadyperfumeProfessional Digital Artist
:faint: love love love this 
DanjahMouse's avatar
OHHH YOUUU :love: :love:
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ellipsiemHobbyist General Artist
this is so stunning! I absolutely adore the colors and eyes in this one :heart:
DanjahMouse's avatar
Ahhh thank you so much! The colours are so lovely, but that's because he is one hot character ;D
Heheee :heart:
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mockingaleHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh this is STUNNING!!! The colouring, the hair, the markings and the eyesssssss I'm so mesmerized! amazing work love :heart:
DanjahMouse's avatar
Do you want to make me feel all emotional 'cos it's working! THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAREST! That really means such a lot! :love:
:heart: :heart: :heart:
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