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Lugia and pokemon (c) Nintendo

Name: Lushin "Lu" Suraveen

Pokemon: Lugia

Area: Cypress Valley

Legion: Leaf storm

Gender: Female

Age: Looks mid-20s (real age=her business)

Ability: Pressure

Moves: Ice beam, Rain dance, Recover, Aeroblast

History before Dreamscape: She had spent most of her time in the deep sea, to help keep the world and the three legendary birds; Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos at peace. As a Lugia she knew that she could unintentionally cause great damage to the humans through storms and gusts of winds from her wings so she chose to stay underwater most of the time. She would help those that were lost at sea or caught in ship wrecks to safety. The few times she came out of water was to visit the three legendary birds on their proper islands. She also flew with her friend, Ho-oh keeping her company on her flies through out the skies itself. When Ho-oh returned to the bell tower and never came out to fly again, she felt lonely.

She decided to go back to the sea before being ambushed by a pokemon collector. She was able to get away and unknown to her she had her eternal rest in the bottom of the sea in the cavern she called home.

History after Dreamscape: When she came to, she realized she wasn't in the sea anymore but her body still ached just slighty. She stood up and realized that she was human now and she was in a completely different world. She realized that without her glasses/shades/mask she wouldn't be able to fly and was weaker than she usually was. She was still worried about the damage she might do here so she traveled for a little bit before settling in Cypress Valley.

Personality: She is really carefree and a peacekeeper. She is also really laid back and procastinates very often. But when she does get angry be warned she has been known to cause mass damages either through summoning a storm or bringing great gusts of wind. But being very tolerant, it would take something drastic to get her to that state.

Occupation: New Head officer of Leafstorm (although she doesn't act like it)

Miscellaneous Info: Can use telepathy
Can use a deflective sphere of phychic energy when threatened
She tends to sneak away from work to be with friends
Can be overly friendly with others
She is 5' 4"
She is always with her shades (even sleeping she keeps them with her)
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Aww, she's cute. ^^ I like her shades.
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yep they make her awesome
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lol X3 yep and all her glory
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D'awe she's so cute. SHe could be reunited with her friend Ho-oh
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yeah i know right
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guess everyone has been waiting for a lugia huh? haha
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*A* S-So cute! Just too cute!
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rofl thanks a lot XD i can't draw serious ppl to save my life though X3 lol
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