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I now have a new tumblr since I blew up my Clop Corner with all 1500+ followers.

I don't want to be known as only a pony artist so I just do whatever I feel like here
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So I one of my pictures just struck 100 favorites, and it's this babu

It hasnt even been 2 whole days, amazing. Looks like these Cyber Ponies was a good idea afterall, and these are not even nicely finished works!
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So you might think I don't draw or something, but that is not ture. I am actually very much active in the art scene, but not on my DA. I have created a Tumblr with another alias - Synad. I planned on keeping a low profile, but what the heck, let's show all of my (NSFW) glory. If you want to get a ton of sketches and a few crappy "finished" works, you can follow me here .
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I wanted to be a traditional art artist, yet now it seems I draw nothing but ponies. Those colorfull creatures from a TV show infested my mind, and whenever I take a pencil in my hands, I wan't to that cute little face and those cute little hooves. As a last stand, a defiance, I drew Chad the Troll, thinking that would get me interested in traditional art again. NOPE!

So, it looks like I will be spamming ponies, although most of my (if not all) pony art goes to scraps, because I don't think it's worthy to be on the main deviation page. And there is another thing regarding ponies, in particular - clopart. Yeaaaah, It looks like there comes a time for everypony to try it out, and oh boy was it hilarious to draw. My first ever clop art actualy got a pretty good, if not impressive, response, though I haven't been able to top that. So yeah, looks like I will be one of those evil ponies who go to pony hell afterall.

Now I should be going to sleep, since I have work tomorow, but noooo, the synchtube is playing Remix War 2 songs so I'm groovin' out...
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What is this, I don't even...

People get here on my DA, take my doodles and then post them on Ponibooru. What is wrong wiTHANK YOU GUYS! You have no idea how much this means to me T_T

And apperantely I need to do a higher quality picture....drats.

That is all.
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