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IPSA Space Program - Rocket Comparisons 3


Note: this renders only the current proposals for these models, some of which are still in development. As such, this is not their final appearance.

The first post is here (…

The second post is here (…)


Those 20 (IPSA?) launch vehicles…

    ·1 is the Partridge SSTO (inspired by ARCA’s Haas 2)

    · 2 is the Perdix I-ASR

    · 3 is the Perdix II-ASR

    · 4 is the “Zero I” (inspired by the South Korean Naro-1)

    · 5 is the “Ah ha” (inspired by the North Korean Unha)

    · 6 is the INT-1 Ariane V (inspired by ESA’s Ariane 6)

    · 7 is the INT-2 K-I (inspired by JAXA’s HIIA)

    · 8 is the Aquarius

    · 9 is the Aquarius Modified (Aquarius M)

    · 10 is the Aquarius Modified + (Aquarius M+)

    · 11 is the Aquarius M Heavy

    · 12 is the Hermes C-I 121 (Crewed)

    · 13 is the Hermes C-II 121 (Cargo)

    · 14 is the Hermes C Lite

    · 15 is the Hermes M-I 121 (Cargo)

    · 16 is the Hermes M-II 121 (Cargo)

    · 17 is the Hermes M-II 321 (Cargo) “Hermes Heavy”

    · 18 is the Hermes M-III 121

    · 19 is the IPSA Saturn-Omega concept (a modified Saturn V)

    ·  20 is the Daedalus IV-S


Please note that this follows the same color format as the previous post. Those colors indicate the progress for each rocket. Those colors are:

Black: means the model has not been started.

Gray: means the model is finished.

Silver: means the model is in development.

The definition of each color is actually a little more broad than what I meant above. Not relevant in this post, however...

This picture was made in SketchUp 8, as opposed to SketchUp Make, which was used for the other posts. SketchUp Make crashed then I tried to export this, so...yeah, it in SketchUp 8.

This is basically a continuation of the previous post, wit the only real difference being that this one is 3D. This basically shows the actual components for each respective rocket. That's it really...

Notably, i didn't include the Hermes M LRBs, because I don't want to make spoilers years(?) before they actually appear. The Hermes M won't be coming for a while. The Ariane V is not considered finished, though I put its preliminary model there. the same with the Perdix I. Another thing to notice is the fact that most of those engines look alike. I should mention, however, that not all of them are the same. Ok...that's it...

Oh wait...

There will be an UNSCHEDULED Update (IPSA Space Program Project Update 5A) NET January 1.

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