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IPSA Space Program - Rocket Comparisons 2


Note: this renders only the current proposals for these models, some of which are still in development. As such, this is not their final appearance.

The first post is here (…


Those 20 (IPSA?) launch vehicles…

    ·1 is the Partridge SSTO (inspired by ARCA’s Haas 2)

    · 2 is the Perdix I-ASR

    · 3 is the Perdix II-ASR

    · 4 is the “Zero I” (inspired by the South Korean Naro-1)

    · 5 is the “Ah ha” (inspired by the North Korean Unha)

    · 6 is the INT-1 Ariane V (inspired by ESA’s Ariane 6)

    · 7 is the INT-2 K-I (inspired by JAXA’s HIIA)

    · 8 is the Aquarius

    · 9 is the Aquarius Modified (Aquarius M)

    · 10 is the Aquarius Modified + (Aquarius M+)

    · 11 is the Aquarius M Heavy

    · 12 is the Hermes C-I 121 (Crewed)

    · 13 is the Hermes C-II 121 (Cargo)

    · 14 is the Hermes C Lite

    · 15 is the Hermes M-I 121 (Cargo)

    · 16 is the Hermes M-II 121 (Cargo)

    · 17 is the Hermes M-II 321 (Cargo) “Hermes Heavy”

    · 18 is the Hermes M-III 121

    · 19 is the IPSA Saturn-Omega concept (a modified Saturn V)

    ·  20 is the Daedalus IV-S


First, if you are comparing these rockets in this post to that of the previous post, it is noteworthy to point out that several of the rockets have had name or (slight) design changes.

I did this picture on SketchUp Make, much like the original. I will explain why this is relevant later on.

Second, the rockets here are not purely black, if you noticed that. Those colors indicate the progress for each rocket. Please note that was not the intent for the previous post. Those colors are:

Black: means the model has not been started.

Gray: means the model is finished.

Silver: means the model is in development.

No doubt it’s confusing, ‘cause I’m still confused with it. Admittedly, there are a few graphics in there that should be other colors. To put it differently (and more broadly), Black refers to models that (technically) have started, but are still in the initial concept stage. Gray means I completed the entire model, which means I could post it on my SketchUp account if I so desired. Silver means I started on that model (basically between Black and Gray) and that it is a Work in Progress.

Judging by the graphic, you can correctly assume that the Hermes C-I 121 (Crewed) is completed, whereupon the Daedalus IV-S is ALMOST completed, while the Saturn-Omega is basically nowhere.

Another noteworthy thing to notice is the fact that some of those graphics have colors that appear to be randomly placed. Take the Saturn-Omega, for example. It has a couple of gray colored rocket engines in the middle of it, but the rest of most of it is black. This would mean the rocket engine is completed, but the rest of it is not, obviously. This weird color placement refers now to my use of components, which is in all of my models. For example, the Hermes CCS model has six components in it. Five of those are the A-X engines themselves, while the last is the rest of the CCS. This graphic is based on the number of components in any give model that meets my criteria for being a certain color. This means that areas of black would be components that fit the criteria for being black, while area that are half black and a little gray would fit those criteria for those respective colors, based on those respective colors criteria.

Hopefully that explains the graphic. The Aquarius M Heavy erroneously has a color strip below the payload fairing, which should be ignored.

Lastly, there will be an UNSCHEDULED Update (IPSA Space Program Project Update 5A) NET January 1, which will be explaining some of the subjects that were brought up in this post.

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