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I'm currently doing commissions.

If shipping in the USA the shipping fee is 5 dollars. 10 dollars for shipping overseas. Paypal has transfer fees that also need to be included onto the estimate. However if you transfer money from your bank to my paypal account, you can get around the paypal transfer fees though it takes longer to do so. You can find the transfer fee listings here.…

I will also be doing color commissions as well should anyone want a color commission. Would you like a piece of artwork colored by me?
IRONnMAIDEN COLORS by danimation2001 O-Chara colors by danimation2001 Invincible movie poster colors by danimation2001

Leave a comment, Send me a note, or email me at for Commissions

sankofa commission digital sketch by danimation2001Digital Sketches
Pencils #0001 thing by danimation2001pencils
Commission Sample Batman Inks by danimation2001 Inks
Overwatch by danimation2001 Commission sample digitally painted colors by danimation2001Pencils with Digital colors
BattleChasers Nightwar 11by17 NO LOGO by danimation2001 Commission Rocks by danimation2001Digital paintings
Markers #0003 harley and joker by danimation2001 Commission Sample Markers by danimation2001Markers

Danimation2001 commission samples 2018 by danimation2001Commission chart
Finally back from EVO 2016. It was quite the show. I had a blast watching at the finals. I handed out some support posters courtesy of

You could tell that everyone was against Hungrybox throughout the tournament but by the end I think he won a lot of them over. A lot of depressed smash pro players at the end there as well. But still it had some really interesting moments to the whole thing. S2j made it to finals, and seriously was doing above well with Captain Falcon. And even hungry box who lost to Armada last time around now pulled out ahead as the official top player to ultimately overcome now. Tough breaks to Armada who almost pulled a two in a row win for EVO. Mango didn't win it this year, but he still holds the lead for the most consecutive wins for EVO.

Now for some other journal news.

I not only went to Evo but as well I also went to Arizona for a 5 day animation class with none other than Don Bluth.
I will be uploading pencil animations of what I've learned there. I would highly recommend spending the time to take one of his classes, you will learn more in 5 days than you ever will in your life. Don Bluth's Front Row Theatre.
I will be attending EVO 2016 in July and will be there with a Booth in the new established Artist Alley there, as well I'll be signing things over at the ArcadeShock|Splitframe booth with Yoshihara-san.

I'm going to be bring some various prints with me but I want to know which type of prints would you prefer to support your smash pro players with?

Please do pick the ones that you prefer. Or if you have suggestions on what you think the posters should be like, placement wise or with certain elements of he piece from either being used or not. Like having the type be there or not, do let me know which you prefer. With a vote in the poll or a comment.

These are some sample previews.

Type vs no type larger figures and more background elements

     Leffen type SSBM LeffenTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM FoxMcCloud LeffenTrophy by danimation2001 Leffen no type
      Mango type SSBM MangoTrophy1B by danimation2001 SSBM FoxMcCloud MangoTrophy by danimation2001Mango no type
        Scar type SSBM ScarTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM Captain Falcon ScarTrophy by danimation2001Scar no type
Hungrybox type SSBM HungryboxTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM Jigglypuff HungryboxTrophy by danimation2001Hungrybox no type
 Westballz type SSBM WestballzTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM Falco WestballzTrophy by danimation2001Westballz no type
   Wobbles type SSBM WobblesTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM IceClimbers WobblesTrophy by danimation2001Wobbles no type
         Axe type SSBM AxeTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM Pikachu AxeTrophy by danimation2001Axe no type
       aMSa type SSBM aMSaTrophy by danimation2001 SSBM Yoshi aMSaTrophy by danimation2001aMSa no type

I also don't know specifically who is going to be there besides Leffen mango and Scar. If you know who's going to be there for sure and more than likely going to be a top 8 contender do let me know, I would also need their preferred color scheme and character of choice should it be one of these guys. I can't do everyone's characters or name, so maybe it may be best to not have type at all, but I will leave that up to you.
Thanks for your help!
And I hope to see you there!