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Here's something that I wasn't going to post, but I did.

This is another piece that I did for my senior project class. I had a week to do the sketches, the pencils, the colors and the text. Not to mention all the other class final projects that I had to do along with work... It wasn't a fun momment of my life lets just say.
as you can tell my backgrounds need work as well as anatomy. But I'll improve on that.
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Why haven't you been hired by IDW or Mirage? :( This is very very good.
oldmanwinters's avatar
Great job on the angles and perspective. Seriously, though everything looks good!
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Madpredator's avatar
Man, you are excellent!!! Please, continue this_!!!
Grizzled-Ink's avatar
This is freakin' epic, i love how you draw the turtles!
Pietroigor's avatar
Great job!
I would like to be so good...
muffinman388's avatar
this is awesome dan, no matter how much your later comments tend to look down on it. what school did you go to btw?
muffinman388's avatar
Fair enough. And no, you misunderstood me, I don't mean that people are looking down on this piece, I think that YOU in your comments are looking down on it! Seems to me like the general public loves the piece.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You're my inspiration, and you have been for quite some time.
danimation2001's avatar
Eh, My College wasn't really important. In any case, I don't really think that I'm being looked down on, more like I agree with them.
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so beautiful...I love the coloring...Poor Slash
xavor85's avatar
Amazed I know what it means by too busy and have not fun due to work... so u deserve my best regards!
xavor85's avatar
Man, even if i check some anatomics problems in this art i should say ur awesome. Hope u will really improve ur art cause even without a perfect definition of anatomics it looks fkn great! Really! U're awesome! Hope u'll reply me. :)
gangc's avatar
What a Coool Turtles!!
Here's my drawing on TMNT.
xilefcosan's avatar
Go Raph!!! You are so awesome!
Zannette's avatar
wow your amazing!
ZombiSlayer101's avatar
oh yeah raph rules
BloodtypeA's avatar
I like this because the turtles look a little like their classic incarnations :ninja:

Well done
LeBronJames's avatar
thats really awesome, the coloring has soo much depth
TupiNikim's avatar
Azura212's avatar
Oh wow, this is awesome. o.o
Kami1i's avatar
oooooooh, add dialogue and it would be a perfect comic!! It's fucking beautiful!
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