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Super Sayian Mario

Here's a commission piece that I did for someone who wanted a super sayian mario.

Just to let people know that I'm doing commissions now. Around $40 for the pencils/inks (depending on what's asked) and for $10 extra I'll send over a pinup of the colors when done.

on a side note I've started to upload new pieces to my website at dandojo [link] give it check.

More is on the way, it's been a while.
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The only good super saiyan beside dragon ball characters are Sonic´s characters
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Heheh, very cool; nicely done.

Keep up the goodness.
oyetoons's avatar
He probably ate a senzu bean as a 1-up.
Acidfox7's avatar
I think that is super sayian Jumpman.
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AlphaRaptor2k6's avatar
Mam-MA, mi-AAA!!!!!!
(Mama Mia)
williamsonk0316's avatar
Totally expanding!! :headbang:
NeterG's avatar
He looks like Asterix :P
GalaxyDestroyer's avatar
o0-TheLazyArtist-0o's avatar
Oh, snapz! We hath no time to ponder any questions as Mario hath grabbed the smash ball! Or dragonball! ...or whatever! :ohnoes:
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LOL!!! Personally I hate Mario ('cause have my name! XD) and love his brother, but in this version looks cute! XD Congratulation! ;)
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Ha I hate/like Dan from street fighter because he has my name and is a joke character. I thought when I first saw him, cool a character in street fighter that has my name, this is awesome. Played as him and realised, wtf! He's a joke character! I was pissed that he's a joke character, but he's a Dan, what can ya do?

But your name's Mario which is a character that isn't a joke character, he's the main character. So how do you hate that? Is it because he's popular? Did people make fun of that?
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LOL! I'm so sorry for the "Dan's fact"... but I've to say that I love his form of humor! Really! ^^

I hate Super Mario 'cause he's popular, and he seems to be so stubborn.. and all the things with the Princess... -___- I love Wario... he's attached to Money instead of a Princess and his Tubes! :XD:
And I hate when (Mario) he says: Mamma Mia. U__U It's a bit ridiculous you know. U__U
RapidBlade's avatar
Whoa! nice concept! :D
Kitsune-2077's avatar
you should have color it in red and white, like when he got the flower bonus ! :p

Btw, i love this piece ! :D
danimation2001's avatar
Yeah I was actually thinking about posting another version with that color scheme.
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lol dis is IT XD
Kandoken's avatar
man i missed your work! i can imagine mario going OOOOOHWAAAAHAAAA! on this one.
dalmuln's avatar
Did anyone tell Mario he now has to hold that pose for 13 episodes? :)
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Lol :D this is great :D
muffinman388's avatar
looks like a 3d render (cel shading).

nice coloring.
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