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Raph in a greytone trench coat

Ok, since they are only able to have things in Black and white in the comicbooks, I'm coloring these pieces in greytone scales.

This is Raph in a trench coat.
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Amazing shadowing!! I love your soft and powerful style!!!
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This looks gorgeous!, I found this pic of your in tumblrsome time ago but I'm glad to find it here, to properly fav it:)
kameshinobi's avatar
Cool I like the way you did the shading
Chuckdee's avatar
hehe, this is Awesome Dude!!!
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Your very good with greytones, and shades. It looks so cool, it doesn't even need to be in color. (Plus it kinda makes it reminisce of some of the old TMNT comics.)

Very nice work here, kinda reminds me of the 1990 movie. :) (I loved Raph's ironic remark after seeing the movie "Critters.") I also like how you can see part of his sai weapon sticking out behind the coat. Also, nice job on the pavement/ground details.
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He looks like a pervert...
DSkehan2004's avatar
i remember that from the first TMNT movie
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Man, I really love the tone of this image. I thought it was a 3d model as well when I first clicked it. Awesome job:)
D'aww lookie turtle, pat pat pat on the head.
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hi! :wave: your awesome work had been featured here: [link] :)
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that is incredibly well drawn. Raph in a trench is win.
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So cool! My Favorite Turtle.
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Oh yeah, That's just awesome. :thumbsup::D
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Reminds me of the movie. The comics, too, but the first movie is what pops into my mind.
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this pic is amazing, much coolness for this peice
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I love the lighting. ^^
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amazingly badass! love the black and white. really compliments the drawing more then color ever could.
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Great work! I hope you get something going! I love the Turtles!
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Thanks, I hope that I have the time to build up more for it once I'm done with this coloring business. But I might just end up doing flash web design work for a good while if things pan out well. The pay is really good for what I'm being told the position pays. And it seems to be simple enough work where I can have some free time on my hands to practice with pencils more and actually begin to post more stuff again on DA. I'll just be putting images and coding together. I mean the artwork is already done. and since it's a jr. position and not a senor position, I don't think I would need to be an expert in coding per se, I'd just need to learn flash, which I'm doing right now while I wrap things up on this last project that I'm working on.
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Far out! Good luck with that! I hope to see you draw more. You're colors are insane, so I imagine that your drawing will fall into a similar form.
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