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Kicking it Old School but with a Different style than I'm sure most people are use to seeing me work in. Trying it out With Kizer's Kick ass Old School Piece. :iconkizer180:

I've been doing this style as of late in a lot of work I've been working on.

Since I've been absent as of lately, I'm going to try really hard to be more active again, and do more things either colors or sketches of my own etc.

I'll be hitting people up for lines to practive more on and trying to post my own stuff even if I think I have no time for it. I really need to make time for it.

Also, Side note. If anyone knows of places in Florida that give Acting classes or theaters that do so, I'd appreciate any helpful info. I'm interested in learning about acting in order to improve on Voice over acting.
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These four working together would kick anyone's ass.

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When the world's in danger..

This POP! Popeye - PopeyeamazingSIREN WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO quartet
Tintin shall TEAM UPA Shadow is looking for you to set things right!
I would  like to turn this art
into a classic style Cover to a Pulp Novel..
May I have your permission to do so?
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Sure, it's a fan art piece for fun. So you certainly have my permission. You might want to also ask Kizer as well just in case.
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This is my childhood, and I'm less that 20.
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These heroes will never be forgotten
InfraredToa's avatar
Are those Tintin, Popeye, Dick Tracy and The Shadow?!
danimation2001's avatar
You are correct good sir.
TVideshow's avatar
Totally intelligently epic :D
MangekkoJones's avatar
I love this! You should turn this into a fanfic someday!
Voltech44's avatar
I never thought I'd say this, but Popeye looks so freakin' cool.
Fox-The-Wandering's avatar
Wow, four epic heroes into one setting? I really dig it! I love how each of them have their own pose as they spring into action: it makes each of them unique in their individualities and yet unites them all as heroes! :)
Dionisante's avatar
Formidable art!!!
BugleMan-Snow's avatar
Great work on the colouring here
GoldRose14's avatar
XD used to be IN LOVE WITH POPEYE!!! Miss these great cartoons.... :-( this new generation has dumb crap an TV now
I dont feel old,,,, I feel lucky to remember this cartoons,

awesome artwork
KaitoTheArtist's avatar
Fucking Amazing! I never got why Popeye's triceps were bigger than his biceps, if I'm spelling that correctly.
wanderingbishop's avatar
Well clearly it's because he eats 'is spinach :P
Very nice! Already better than Dynamite's MASKS miniseries :)
Deezer509's avatar
This... is.... AWESOME!!!
AnDRAW-Design's avatar
Love this picture, this is a great style, nice and smooth
LRpaul's avatar
alright, I recognize Popeye and Tintin, but who are the other two?
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