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ChipperChapChatJAMS MEGA-box strider by danimation2001 ChipperChapChatJAMS MEGA-box strider by danimation2001
I originally was going to re-position the characters but that was not what the jam was meant to be. Just do the same position and placements with your style. I prefer the Japanese cover to that of this cloned stamp tool business cover, and it's title logo as well. Which is why most of the color reflect that of the Japanese cover instead. Nothing beats this game by the way. from Level design, character design, music. Just excellent. I owned the Japanese imported cartridge, and had to actually break my Genesis edges off of the port for the cartridge just so I could play it back it the day. Beats having to actually pay wasted money for that thing they sold to play imported games. Seriously all you had to do was chip off the corners and you could play any Japanese cartridge games along with any American cartridges.

Hope you like.

Chipper Chap Chat's Videogame Homage Jam - UPDATE*We've included a GENESIS template so if you want to do a game from that era, do re-download the tempate .zip file
ChipperChapChat's Videogame Homage Jam
New Month, New JAM!
Continuing with the Videogame theme from last month, we're going back in time!
Indeed, it's a Throwback cover jam, ala SNES, Megadrive & Genesis (Newly updated) era to be exact
* Download the .zip file that contains the .png files with the cover templates.
* Using the downloadable template, re-draw the cover in YOUR STYLE (Pick one, or attempt both, it's up to you!)
* Remember, it's an homage style cover, so redraw each element but in your style (Illustration AND logo)
* It MUST be based off a cover of a game that actually existed in that time.
* What that means is Character Posing/placement must remain recognizably the same as the original.
* Using the template, include the Original game cover and place it next to your new version to show a side-by-side comparison.
* On

For anyone looking for commissions feel free to ask.
Danimation2001 commission samples 2017 by danimation2001
Empienada Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is such a cool challenge. I must try this one of these days.
Toineed Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2017
very nice
judegallagher28 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I really like the updated look you gave the robots. Excellent work!
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November 29, 2017
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