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BattleChasers Nightwar

Just finishing off this one. Can't wait to see what comes from the new Battle Chasers Nightwar videogame. It's been to long a wait, but I can wait a little bit more consider how long I've been waiting for more from the start.

Hope you like.
And glad to see Joe MAD! back on this puppy of his.

The Battle begins again.
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Dope piece man!
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urgh, beautiful!
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Thanks man!

You know I still have one of your pieces in the back burner waiting to be colored. The Iron(man) and the maiden (super girl) piece. It's just hard finding that sweet spot time frame from one project to the next as things tend to overlap constantly. Got to try and force some time for it. been taking to long to get to.
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Oh I feel you mate.
If only time was always on our side, heh
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Very cool, that light and raindrops are just awesome!
Are you working on any game art at the moment?
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Thank you

Currently no. Just busy freelancing on various projects.
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Awesome work...kudos on the rain effect
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Amazing style and details!
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Blimey that's great! Can't wait for Nightwar.
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Extraordinary Dan!!!
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Guuaaauu! good Job! really awesome.
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Wow Amazing work, love it
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Duuuude, where have you been. are you still in comics?
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Well it's sort of a goal of mine to create something of my own and then return. That or do both at the same time. Maybe if possible like a mini comic of some sorts. But that's more or less a pipe dream among others. 
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 That s awesome man, would love to see you on some books again.
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gold army from hellboy 2
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Calibretto from Battle Chasers. :)
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You sir, you win the internet today. Great Job !
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Thanks. Today the internet, Tomorrow the world. Eh you know what, screw the world. The internet is more than enough to win. :)
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Totally agree with that.
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AMAZING artwork right here, dawg!! Freakin' badass AND beautiful :):clap:
I only found out about this Battle Chasers Nightwar project a few weeks ago. Believe me. I was psyched. I have all the comics (I think) and 2 variant covers! 
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