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My Hud

WB: Coversutra by Mrrste
Styler and FF2: HUD by Me
Miranda: Twitterrific by elkendall
Dock skin: HUD skin by chaodam
Avedesk Hud bg: by me
Icons: Hud fever by Itweek
WP: Natural by gillette
About mac: Fake
Mix icons. Stack docklet etc.

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© 2008 - 2021 Danilux
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Awesome theme.....i want it :(
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You can search for the files I listed bellow de Screenshot and build the theme yourself :)
looks fake.. but beautiful
Amazing theme! I'm trying to do a HUD theme, but no success... =/

So, you can post ArtFile, sArtFile and Extras.rsrc plix?

I think it's Fake!

Because there no way to do a transparent background in the MAC OS X Window...
Unless you're using the Crystal Clear Interface...

Provide the resources sArtFile, Extras and ArtFile for this theme to comprove these are possible, or make a video of use of this wonderful theme....

Congratulations for the mod in Photoshop (:

Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian...
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This is beautiful, great work. I'm trying to figure out how to use create HUDs myself. I have some files but I can't figure out what to do with them. can you send me a note of how to set it up? it doesn't look too difficult, but i don't want to screw up anything. I really want those side tab thingies.
Thanks and again, beautiful.
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Hi, rangemaster, sorry for the late response, I stopped skinning a while ago, I can't even remember some app's names that I used to make that screenshot, What I do know Is that they are still available in sites like [link]

The side tab If I remember correctly was a widget for avedesk called "Label Dock". Hope that helps. If you have another question just ask :)
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Thank you ..And I like the CAD skin very much.. I still want it .I like the style.~

MY e-mail can you send it to me..~
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so beautiful ...I like it very much
Could you give me the link to the OD skin(the first picture left) and the avetunes skin(the second picture)
thank you.. waiting for you good news
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Hi nara, Thank you very much :)

Actually it's not OD, It's just Finderbar, you can find that little app on Aquasoft, With that app you don't need a skin it takes the taskbar of the skin you are using and only adds the menus like Finder - File - Edit etc.

About the avetunes it's actually CAD and it's not funcional cause i didn't finish it, you can't change or play or pause, you can just show the album art, if you still want send me note.
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wow! how did you make the about this mac screen??
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As i put in my description is fake, I used Avedesk's Desklet called PidlShortcut and put the image i got from [link] and use the png to create the about mac. =D
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oh cool! thx
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No problem and thank you for the :+fav: mate :)
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np the desk rocks!
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Usas objectbar? Cual es el theme? Por cierto buenisima screen!
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Jeje gracias y por el :+fav:

En vez de objectbar use Finderbar un programa que hace lo mismo pero no ocupa casi nada de memoria lo puedes encontrar aca: [link]

El skin es Gaia Snow es NFR pero puedes encontrarlo si te inscribes aca: [link]

Saludos :)
Hey Ive got a quick question, whats that program called in the middle left hand side of your first ss. With the three tabs. Ive searched everywhere but cant find it.

Ps. Great Desktop, i love it.
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Thanks, It's for systat for Avedesk it's called Tab launch and Glass tab.
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That's one of the best Desks i've ever senn :+fav:
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Wow thank you for that buddy =D

and for :+fav:
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Mind sharing your FF skin and AveDesk, Danilux,to match your HUD styler toolbar ?,thank's,appreciated,looking forward
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I just released them ;)
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