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Yun/Yang SSB Moveset
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Published: September 12, 2014
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Special Moveset:

Down Special - Call of:
Yun/Yang will call his brother to the on in his place, just like zelda/sheik DS (in Brawl).

Neutral Special - Kobokushi/Byakko Soshoda: Yun will make the kobokushi and Yang the Byakko Soshoda, are basycally the same moves but with minor diferences, Yun have a
shorter range and makes more damage and Yang is more longer and make less damage. DMG: 15%(Yun), 10%(Yang)

Side Special - Zesshou Hohou/Tourouzan: Yun will make the zesshou hohou leans forward and lunges toward the opponent, fist-first, in a leaping stride, EX version will make the punches go further and hit 3 times the opponent. Yang will make the tourouzan the attack is simply a forward-stepping open-palm slash, it can be performed 3 times in a row, EX version version slashes five times.
DMG: Yun: 7%, 5% per hit(EX). Yang: 3% per hit (Normal and EX)

Up Special - Nishokyaku/Senkyutai: Yun will make the nishokyaku it's a pair of jumping high kickstwice in succession while moving at a relatively low angle, EX version version travels twice as quickly at the heavy kick version's height. Yang will make Senkyutai The user rolls forward along the ground, and pushes himself upward with his hands while launching an upward kick, in air he dont roll, EX version hits three times for more damage.
DMG: Yun: 4% per hit, 5% per hit(EX). Yang: 10%, 8% per hit (EX)

Final Smash - Hiten Souryujin: Yun and Yang will make the FS together, after make the first hit Yun/Yang appear and the two will attack the opponent in synchronous coordination, After launching up the opponent, both will backflip before delivering a final flying kick that will strike the launched opponent. DMG. 8% (First hit), 16%(Synchronous attack), 34% (Final attack)

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