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Starman SSB Moveset

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Published: September 4, 2014
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Neutral Special - PK Beam: Starman will charge the PK beam and have 4 levels of charge,
α  is the most weaker and have short range, β is a little strong and increases the range, γ is more strong and increase the range and Ω is the most strong of all and have a long range.
DMG: 7% (α), 14% (β), 19% (γ), 24% (Ω)

Side Special - Brainshock: Starman will use the brainshock who work's close to the opponent, the attack will paralyze the enemy for a short time, the paralyze will stop if the opponent gets a hit. Makes no DMG.

Down Special - PSI Shield: Starman will use the PSI Shield and will reflect every projectile shot at him. The DMG will depends of the projectile

Up Special - PSI Healing: Starman will use PSI Healing, it will recover 5% at life, after used it will take one minute to rechage, in the air will make Starman float. Makes no DMG.

Smash - Final Starman: He will transform in the most strongest starman ever, the Final Starman. He have the double of the size of the normal Starman, hit the normal attack button he will make a powerfull combination of punches, hit the special attack button he will shoot a powerful PK Beam on the ground,
you can control him for 15 seconds. DMG: 10%(punchs), 16% (PK Beam)

The vector belongs to :iconevilwaluigi:
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